I've been a business owner since 1999 and I always give credit to my Mentors - I was blessed to learn from Some of the best -- in the MLM Space; back 'before the internet', when people appreciated the profession much more. You had to be a student, really, to make any money at this. Not too many people are 'naturals', but the ones who are always overlooked the 'studying' part; from being in a hurry and what not. The internet just made that issue a bit worse - even more short cuts; for people who are even less informed; and this translates to all areas; beyond MLM; even in the ICO/space - as I'm sure you know; and that of course full circle brings us back to Bitconnect; I'll check you out and see what you're putting together on this; I see you're 'also' pegging it as a Scam though --- am I right?

by the way @cryptick -- found a small typo in your first paragraph bro.

Bitconnect is a pyramid scheme, still up and running, but like all pyramid schemes doomed to collapse. How can one tell bitcoin is a fraud?

Pretty sure you meant 'bitconnect' there; I'd 'inbox' you but smh ... no inbox on Steemit

awesome; you are welcome! - lots of good stuff in there