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Are you ready to start opening up multiple chances and opportunities to earn, win and be rewarded just for viewing adz...?

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Viewing adz in return for faucet claims crypto rewards and freebitcoin is not such a bad idea, most people view hundreds of ads each day without even being aware of it and yet they are never rewarded for it.

Did you know... It's possible to be rewarded for viewing adz?

It's something we all do anyway, sometimes without even being aware of it and usually we never get rewarded for it, Advertisers using the blockchain want to reward visitors for taking time to view their ads. Advertisers run campaigns on advertising networks which pay out rewards, some as frequently as every 5 seconds, the pay out usually isn't much but it counts and show's up on the blockchain as a real transaction. The blockchain is an open ledger which tracks all actions on the blockchain. With every action there is a transaction and this is what makes being rewarded for viewing adz on the blockchain possible.

There are multiple ways to earn, win prizes and be rewarded for viewing adz and this is something we will be looking in to further with a view of sharing some reviews and deeper insights in to this subject in future posts and press release articles. Follow this blog for more news and insights @bitcoinadzclub

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The Steemit Rewards Quest launched on the 2nd of January approximately 24hrs ahead of the launch of @bitcoinadzclub on the steem blockchain. Not only was the 3rd of January the 10th Anniversary of the first bitcoin to be produced but it was also the birthday of bitcoinadzclub here on Steemit.

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