Andreas Antonopoulos on the immutability of blockchain technology and how it promotes autonomy

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I had a conversation with a Facebook user that illustrates the slave mentality and how government abrogates personal responsibility. This is how it starts... First a nation achieves independence from some other "authority" such as king George. Then the new republic (in this case the USA) has minimum legal authority. Over time, political problems arise because some who act in a criminal manner give some authority the excuse to impose right and wrong for us.

These ideas actually come first from natural law, then government corrupts these by piling on ordinances, statutes, etc, some of which are completely foreign to nature. In the past, before civilization, natural law was the only law. If a tiger ate you while you slept, the remaining family members didn't go sue that tiger. In nature, you are completely responsible for your own safety. Having lived far away from civilization for a time, I understand what this is like.

Personal responsibility is eroded by the enticements of civil convenience. The city dweller becomes a dependent on others and most are born into a situation where if civilization collapsed, they would not know what to do. Hurricane Katrina illustrated this in 2005 with so many either unable or unwilling to help themselves.

Government encourages this behavior. If we want terrorism to stop, then we have to start taking personal responsibility. There is no other way. Government of course wants terrorism to continue because they need their boogie man to legitimize its own authority.

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the conflict that blockchain technology creates for authority...

Eventually this system will collapse. It is inevitable and when new authority comes, hopefully it will have the wisdom to include the ability to opt in or opt out of their system. Without it, the cycle will continue toward moral rot and decay.

An excerpt from my conversation on FB over this issue...

FB user: You are right, government can’t stop the technology itself. But what they can do is arrest people. Think the torrent networks. Think drugs. Government can’t stop them from happening, but they can arrest people. Just like they can stop people from counterfeit money, they can arrest people for digital currencies if they so wish. Just a thought.

zoidsoft: Of course they can arrest, extort and commit violent acts. Government is the most prolific creator of violence that ever was whether it be small government like ISIS or big government like USA. All you're doing is trading terrorists wearing turbans and wielding guns for terrorists wearing business suits and wielding nukes. But it is immoral and unethical for any so called authority to prevent voluntary exchange so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Everyone should have responsibility for their own safety and not rely on authority. This is why things are so screwed up in this world.

How would you like it if I took a vote on whether a group of us should be allowed to take money out of your wallet without your consent? This is what democracy does. It uses the vote as an excuse to try to confuse you about the legitimacy of its actions. The reality is that until such systems are "opt in", they violate the ethics and morality of natural law.

In the end this is what will happen:

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I think one of the upcoming govt. uses of force will be mandatory micro-chipping.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

They will probably try to deprive us of our social security (which has been stolen for the Iraq war) first if you refuse such things as vaccines that carry mercury thimerosal or other such poisons like micro-chipping with a small cyanide capsule embedded to enforce obedience. Then authority can just "suicide" you with an electronic signal sent by radio wave. The morality is going far by the wayside when people who don't want to murder foreigners while serving in the US military are threatened by the death penalty. The moral rot in Trumps soul is extreme (he recently said that he would execute Bergdahl)...

I hope that at that point you realize that it's kill or be killed if they get to that point of corruption because we will just be one step away from reliving Auschwitz and gas chambers. Self defense against those wearing a badge will be our last act.

Hopefully we won't see this for many more years, but history shows that the outcome is not good.


Your take on this is probably both more accurate and (even) more depressing than mine. I have to say I agree with you.

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