Andreas Antonopoulos on the Digital Currency Commons

in bitcoin •  last year

Much of today's inane political discourse focuses on who's in charge. The media promotes these stories as a sort of mental virus to control your thinking on the subject and never mentions the truly revolutionary breakthroughs that are happening right now that can restore balance. One of the biggest problems that has to be overcome is the privatization of everything. Bitcoin is an antidote that represents the digital currency commons...

I had an interesting conversation on FB earlier and attempted to steer the conversation away from democrat vs republican which is so common and never gets anywhere. The established knee jerk political reactions are like mathematically determined outcomes. The people are exhibiting in their slavery the predictability that should be established in financial authority, but instead this is inverted.

There are lots of amazing proposals that nobody seems to be paying any attention to...

Many people have stopped thinking and are more interested in being right than understanding the real problems.

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