Bitcoin Block Size Debate Causing Investors to Switch to Altcoins

in bitcoin •  last year

Bitcoin has been having block size limit issues for quite sometime. As a result, there had been debates as to whether Bitcoin should increase its block size in order to cater to more investors.

While Bitcoin there are a few scaling options, it appears that a number of Bitcoin investors have been switching to Altcoins, and may not switch back to Bitcoins any time soon according to Roger Ver.

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I am switching to specially to ethereum but always holding some btx

Pressure on the Bitcoin community to solve the scaling debate is a good thing. It leads to solutions eventually. I'm not sure whether the solution is found within the Bitcoin approach of Proof of Work or by other concepts like Proof of Stake (eg, Peercoin) or Proof of Importance (eg, NEM). Byteball is also an interesting new approach.

The process of solving these issues is inherently messy. It comes with a free market. So no worries about the shift into altcoins.