Visualizing The Journey To $10,000 Bitcoin

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It has been a breakthrough year for the world's original cryptocurrency. At time of publication, the bitcoin price is at $9,650 – about 10X higher than how the cryptocurrency started the year. Further, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, bitcoins are now on the brink of passing the important psychological barrier of $10,000, and it could do so at any moment based on current momentum.

Today's infographic from Blockchain Intelligence Group helps to visualize the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency on its journey to $10,000.


Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Note: once the price hits the $10,000 barrier, we'll do a final update on this graphic to make sure that's represented.


Here are some of the key events that transpired over the last 11 months:

And here is how long it took bitcoins to hit each $1,000 barrier:

Note: These time periods are calculated based on closing prices for the Bitcoin Price Index on Coindesk.


While the journey to $10,000 bitcoin is an incredible one, it is part of a wider story as well.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for other cryptocurrencies have also boomed, and more than 92% of all funds raised through ICOs happened in this year alone. With this mechanism hitting the mainstream, about $3.8 billion have been raised through ICOs in total.

Further, they've been profitable as well for speculators. A report from Mangrove Capital last month noted that the average return across 204 ICOs it was tracking was 1,320%.

Despite being temporarily banned in China and South Korea, ICOs have not been slowing down. So far in this month (up to Nov 26, 2017), ICOs have already hit new highs with $743.2 million raised, surpassing the earlier record-holding month of September 2017 ($662.9 million).

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$1 per Steem, you say?

Just awesome :)

@rymlen it really awesome

Nice graphics. Thanks.
I knew this 10K is comin'. Knew long ago. Many years ago.
All our present comments will be very funny to read at Christmas- 2018 time. Mark my words. :)

Every new technology takes time to mature, and adoption is always running by the same "S" type curve. Always.

And many exciting things and times are waiting for us along that curve

This is very exciting to see what is happening in the world. Currencies and trading are changing with a fierce style and sonic boom at a speed of exponential growth like the computer industry from the mid 80’s to now.

So much money to be made in crypto, what a time to be alive.

Good prediction but the 10K mark was inevitable. Now we should wait and see when investors with large amounts will dump and cause a major fluctuation. Considering the increasing demand in India and other countries, it is highly unlikely that there will be massive fall atleast until it hits 20K. Let's wait and see! Cheers.

yeah.. I heard that it could actually hit 50K within this year! that would be insane. Im not investing myself since I am kinda new to this crypto thing, but I am really considering investing since it seems so exiting.

It is indeed exciting but I figured you'd need to be glued to the ticker if you're looking to make short-term gains out of the price rally. If you believe that blockchain is going to play a major role in the future, I guess any sort of well-thought investment in cryptocurrency will pay off in the future. It's a good guess but as with all guesses, there's still a possibility that if stringent regulations are brought in by governments, it may dampen this free run quite a bit.

thats true.. I believe that crypto is the future, but its hard to tell which crypto currency is gonna be reliable long term. It seems like bitcoin could crash tomorrow and then another crypto currency could rise insane amounts instead

Unless the UN or the world bank stepped in and raised alarm about the misuse of Bitcoin and got multiple countries to regulate or ban bitcoin, such a crash is unlikely at the moment. Of course that being said the volatile nature of bitcoin prices will remain until it attains a mass adoption of at least a billion users. It is likely to become more stable once and if it reaches that stage. But we can expect many countries to establish regulatory boards to curb the usage and trading of crytocurrencies even if they don't take a hard stance on banning it in its entirety. They will need to provide a very strong argument to the public and create an atmosphere of fear to stop people from thinking about using it.

Well maybe I was a bit wrong about the UN but France has already called for a regulation of crypto by the G20. This is just the beginning. Repealing net neutrality was quick thinking on the part of US when suddenly there was a slightly more powerful currency that was gaining golbal adoption- taking lessons from China I suppose. It's interesting since India shot down the idea of repealing net neutrality just a year ago. Crypto regulation in Asia will be interesting to note as there are currently mixed feelings about it.

Awesome article and very easy to digest. We all know how tricky that first alt coin buy is. You get your BTC on Coinbase, transfer the BTC to Bittrex or whatever, then buy your Alt. It's complicated for the newbie.

We need more info and charts like this that cut through that complexity and get the regular people excited about what's happening

@csp01 it an interesting article @zer0hedge keep it up

" At time of publication, the bitcoin price is at $9,650 – about 10X higher than how the cryptocurrency started the year. Further, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, bitcoins are now on the brink of passing the important psychological barrier of $10,000, and it could do so at any moment based on current momentum."

Finally it appears apparent to all that bitcoin is still an asset

Yeah man, I´m one of those newbs but so far I really enjoy the travel in this cryptoworld and beyond.

what a Journey guys! Cryptos are the future!

yes you are right ! time will come when steem dollars grows like bitcoin

this is making history!

wow...its is already crossed $11000 mark in india...its current value in india $11028.52..and its increasing since morning...thanks for post keep posting

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

good question.. im new to steemit and its quite confusing i think XD

thats a good question im wondering ta actually but rigth now ... would you please upvote me ? i think im about to lose my account because i didnt know... well upvote me and ill do the same please!

at which exchange people are trading in INDIA.

Current price in India is $11643. (750000 INR)
Zebpay, are few platforms where you can buy and sell Bitcoins in India.
However to purchase other coins we still have to buy Bitcoins first.

you can use koinex in India to buy other coins like etherum, ripple, bitcoin cash etc along with bitcoin and it is profitable than Zebpay.

zepay and unocoin are the best

True history, Thank God I'm looking forward to its growth because I invested in time.

Wow, I never knew @zer0hedge had a STEEM until now... Sweet! You should publish an article about how STEEM will be the future of content creation...

Never mind... I just saw that it’s unaffilliated...

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Great article. I am still trying to get my head around all of this. I think there will be some corrections along the way, but the coin is here to stay.

I can remember my loses on those fluctuations but Im left with profits :)

This article is very useful for those searching for validity in bitcoins current position in the market. Since bitcoin is powered by trust, this one adds to it.

Good information...upvoted it.

Very good infographic with the important information
Thanks for sharing

In year 2017, BTC went from $1K to $10K, how long it will reach $100K (10 times) and that is $1.8T, no company ever reached $1T mark. Who will be first $1T entity: BTC, Apple, Google, Amazon, FB?

Great article, very easy to read and informative. However, when we look at the price vs time graph for bitcoin we notice that after short dramatic bull runs we experience pull backs. While this may not bother long term investors so much as the price has recovered over time. I do not think now is a good time to buy bitcoin. I believe there will be another pull back quite soon and unprepared investors may "freak out" and sell at a low rather than a high. Just my 2 cents I thought I would add to the discussion. :)

I hope bitcoin to get little cheap so I can buy

Maybe, the bubble going up and this information we may know on the edge of new year i think, so lets prepare for it.

I like your visualization @zerohedge, it is easier for me to read it. the question now is what´s next for BTC? can it get higher? or is the Bubble is going to pop?

Bitcoin Alert.
1 Bitcoin equals 10599.57 US Dollar . :no_mouth:

I am finding your interest in BTC. You should read this article because it fits for you.
:fire: Why Bitcoin Has Exceeded This Limit ? :fire:
Thank you @zer0hedge

Now 1 Bitcoin equals 11,517 US Dollar

I have invested some money in bitcoins this morning, and since then it has started to go down. The law of murphy... But I still believe that it is a good investment.

Interesting article and very clearly to stated work. Thank God I'm looking forward to its growth because I invested and i wait for your further analysis!

bright future!

jumping like a tiger. Still is it big opportunity of small investors also, because its frowning on very rapid growth rate. small traders should buy stohie of bitcoin.

the boom of ICO indicates that the people doesn't want to be left behind again like what had happened to bitcoin. now more people have regret why they never invested on it during bitcoin's early years.

Si ma il boom di ICO indica un nuovo tipo di investimento basato su un sistema blockchain (il piu sicuro attualmente), che aiuta alle aziende a finanziarsi, tipo crownfounding, kickstarter o altro. Sono delle vere e proprie aziende innovative.

so sorry I can't understand you.

i think bitcoin will be 20.000 dolars until may 2018

great analysis. bitcoin sure crosses 10,000. by the time i am replying this post bitcoin is 9,950. but why steem is not that fast. what can be done to that... from morning 1.21 to now it is 1.17. i wait for your further analysis...

I'm absolutely new in this crypto world and is awesome the movement of the market, people are worry that more and more people are coming... Fearing is a bubble, the system is the bubble, and finding free currency is not the end of the road but I believe comes closer to what's really a tool to see the real face of the world.

lets see if Bitcoin keeps the pace with 7-14 days for 1k$...

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Quick marty hop in, we DUN fucked up!

unpopular opinion: I think bitcoin has become a bubble at this piont

I simply do not have the words to describe this trend!

nobody can't stop it now :D

I am tired of talking about $10,000 Bitcoin, let's talk about the next stop, $25,000 Bitcoin.

Why would it stop there,

Bulls climb the stairs and bears jump out the window. This is ripe for pullback

It's been a little more than an year since I stepped into the crypto world and boy oh boy, it has thrilled me everyday. It's been an amazing journey so far and we all are just the early adopters. :)

China & South Korea ban on ICOs are simply showing to the world how authoritarian they really are and unable to practice capitalism as it is. Their hate towards Japan which is the most liberal of them and where cryptocurrencies thrives. South Korea really began it's technological development in the early 50's while China in the early 80's meaning, they are unable to understand ICOs.

Any opinions on Litecoins, currently investing into some.

Why is it rising so fast ? I can't understand.

The wonderful.. 👍🏻


Bitcoin is a phenomenon like no other and has no precedent to have a fair comparison with. However, despite the huge percentage in the appreciation of values of ICOS - they are mostly a hit and miss with more misses than hits - this is because a vast majority of ICOs are simply money grabbing schemes where people just raise insane amounts of money by showcasing a website, aroadmap and a whitepaper and nothing else..

While putting money into bitcoin has been safe (so far), the same can't be told for most ICOs ; even though some real winners have been there this year in the ICO space

Do check my post on bitcoin hitting 11k :

Great post, the education is on point!

What are the 3 things someone should know/do when getting into bitcoin?

Too bad for those who didnt get in early enough.

what are the predictions for the end of 2018? x10 like this year? we will arrive at 100,000 x)

Congratulations to all who have believed in the true value of Cryptocurrency!

Now Bitcoin $11,517 and hope touch $12K

Now that US $11,000 has been broken, what is the next target to aim for? Should we say $15,000 or go straight for $20,000?

Bitcoin price increasing suddenly. It definately goes to 15,000$. It is really interesting. And ihave news - buy electronium coin it is long term coin. Many good news are coming about this coin. Price is icreasing with high rate.

  • It's my prediction. Thanks.

And it grew more than $1000 overnight, now the price is $11 105.80 ! Is bitcoin changing the economical game ? Is it the revolution we all expected ? I hope it will as standard economy is dominantly tricky for most people as money belongs in reality to banks and governments and has a value only according to their system, not ours. As Jesus-christ said: "go to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God !" Let's celebrate !

I like it it is usually for us

thanks nice blog

I was reading ur blog and I am really inspired with Bitcoin progress.i am thinking of investing in Bitcoin please help me with that, please suggest me how to start.

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Could you make a visualization of btc going down?

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Korea's bit coin value is close to 12 million won

know that it raised approximately more than 5000 dollars this year, how much will rise in the next one to invest and take advantage of the opportunity.

Awesome, lets get this to 20k by the end of the year!

Good article and breakdown for the year! Very interesting to see the journey and the collections of events that put Bitcoin from a name most people have herd to an asset everyone wants! we are only at the beginning! $10,000 is the first of many bench marks

At the time i m wrighting this, bitcoin is at $10850 with market cap crossing $180billion.

About ICO,i m very attracted at the same time very picky when it comes to investing in them.
Obviously i would like to be one of the early bird to get the profits.
Thats why i have invested in few of them,jst waiting for them to bloom 😄.

But research into the ICOs you are interested in to the bone to be sure of your prediction.

yes i agree with your thread.thanks for share

More amazing break through will be shown on the crypto world.
Truly, I crown this year "Bitcoin and ICOs year".
Bitcoin proved to the world that digital funds is the future.
More surprises to be expected.
Awesome post @zer0hedge

I guess there are plenty of stop limits on the 10k level, that’s why it is bouncing...when we definitely pass beyond 10k the sky is the only limit, next stop 100k.

I came to know about BTC relatively recently around 8-9 months ago. I witnessed the phenomenal rise from $1600 to $9970.

I was reading somewhere in 7 years:
$100,000 invested in BTC in 2010 became $6300000000 today. YES!

11k by the end of the year!

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this would help me so much ! im new (and kinda poor) and i neeed to say that i can get something from this

Bitcoin to 20K by March

Awesome post but I think that Mining is really messing up GPU and RAM prices these days. :(

more and more high value of bitcoin ... Wish my bitcoin in not scam in Bitcoinpro miner..😌 I earn 10 Million satoshi there..but still pending... Anyway thanks @zer0hedge for your I better collect more coins and still hope waiting my 10M...

So youre earning money for republishing zerohedge articles?

Thanks for putting your time and effort for this graphics!

its a nice read keep on steeming your doing good work here !

Awesome information. Thanks for sharing

Upvoted and resteemed!

10k... can't sleep xp

@zer0hedge this is a great story of the journey of Bitcoin! Awesome info graphic too - and to think I was there in 2009 when it hit the world for the first time.... so cool

Very cool infographic. Helpful indeed.

Great friend.. Upvote u

It is unbelievable how it has grown. I hope people understand the core value behind cryptos. It is not just about making huge profits in terms of money. It is for a greater cause.

Love infographics

All news say that bitcoin will fall because of siber attack!! I dont wanna believe that but it seems like there is a big war on the internet.

done bro chk it my post vote me

And here we are, 10.5k, the psychological barrier of $10,000 was cross so fast !

It was very long and hard way , but Great !

thanks for crptocurrency news I appreciate your post @zer0hedge

History in the making. What we are witnessing is almost unheard of. At least until Bitcoin came along. They can't stop bitcoin. Next stop: 100k please.

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Good writeup and post. Thanks!

Si e un grandissimo risultato per il bitcoin e credetemi andrà molto più in alto.🔝
‼️le previsioni dicono che arriverà a 500K.!!

92% for ICOs this year sounds high. Does that mean the 8% new investment went into existing coins? This stat sounds questionable. I can not believe 8% of new money going into coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, and DASH just to name a few that existing before 2017.

"92% of all funds raised through ICOs happened in this year"

That means that 8% of all funds raised through ICOs happened in previous years.

Wow! so awesome illustrations Wishing to be as grow my skills to draw like that!

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when Bitcoin have 3500 $, my friends advice buying it but i not. Now i i choose RIPPLE to invest for future.