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Hi guys,

Update : the application can be hidden easilly to avoid that other people saw it (like when you are at work....)

as nicehash was dead for a few days (may be), i was looking for a new possibility to make my 2 laptop earn money for me.
My 2 laptop as almost all the time on, around 16hours per day each.

i found a similar application than Nicehash.

So i download their miner, perform an earning calculation (automatic by the miner) and get as result desame income level than Nicehash.
My old laptop can make me earn 0.11usd par day . I know it even not worth the electric cost (0.44 usd) but the miner works while i'm using my old laptop.

My new laptop (with a GTX1050) i got a potential income of 0.74usd ( electric cost 0.57usd).

I know it's no use to let this 2 laptop running the miner alone. but remind you i let the miner run while i'm using the laptops.


  • Smart miner : adapt the miner use of your computer depending your use
  • No pop up as with nicehash
  • same income than Nicehash
  • Refferal up to tier 5 and refferal bonus
  • Bonus of 14.6usd (in bitcoin) at the download of the miner
  • No fee
  • subcription with email and password

Try it, it will take you 5 minutes.
Use my referral link to get your bonus:


Be fast, computta want to grow fast . that's why they are generous at start. the bonus can be reduce or desappears when they reach the number of miner they plan.

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mining bitcoin on a laptop? I wouldn't torture my laptop like that for few cents

Mining with a laptop don't give you a real income but personally i have 1 laptop which is almost all the time on to check my asics.... so let it works.

For everybody : the software is "smart". you can select the working load of your laptop or let the software adapt itself to your need. if you work with your laptop or computer, the mining software reduce his calculation. if you don't use it, max power on calculation.
If you don't want that your computer work at max speed on mining you can set up the "smart" and limit the cpu and gpu usage.
Have a try you will see

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Thanks you dear for sharing this with us. I appreciate your post.

Thank's, i hope you find it usefull whaterver we don't know yet if this company is really serious or not.

Just signed up under you! thanks for the opportunity

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If you join computta don't hesitate to make an article or post with your link.
It will help you to improve your income

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