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nice rock on..

Nice but i was just wondering why you didn't just go ahead with $10,010 for 120 days + a 0.25% daily interest....

Please be aware of bitconnect! Dont put too much capital or risk in it. Take your profits and run now you still can. VERY phishy coin.


I also have to warn users to not put money that they can't risk losing in to any project that deals with crypto. That's just asking for trouble and worry. I've seen so many scams that I don't remember the count of them anymore but even the most safest looking projects can run with your money and you'll never hear of them again!

I have not personally investigated bitconnect but I would if I were to put even 10 dollars into it. Do your OWN research! Always!


10000% agree with @igster

This is awesome! Was just posting on Criags last video, I just did another 20k today, so I am in 33,000 so far and it has been insane. I am so happy for your first 10100 Yuliana! Keep the videos coming, this is an amazing platform and I love to see others killing it! :)


Bitconnect is place to lend money and gain high interest? What kind of numbers are we talking about? What if the people you have lent runs away? Could this happen or can the website shut down or something? I'm interested to hear more.


22 days, $2669 paid on a $10,100 loan.


Made some investigation and this is a bit too risky for me. Good luck to those who dare to play this game. I hope no one gets burned!

Those who are new to crypto but don't know where to look for information on all these new projects, bitcointalk is a good place to start always. I advice everyone to read several pages here and there from this place first.

If all goes well, I will have my first $10,000 placed by this time next week. I have a smaller loan going on the platform and have been very pleased with the progress.


I was able to make my $10,010 loan last night.

Great job
Good luck


Happy for you i

I too have heard good and bad, but today i invested a small amount and im super excited. They are legit, its just people dont read everything right. Good for you. Gettem. Have a wonderful night im proud of you too.😁

Pretty bold. Have you actually purchased bitcoin,and stored it in a wallet?

You are a fast learner. Kind regards on your successful bitconnect adventure.

Congratulations!!! That's awesome. That's what you call seeing the opportunity and going after it.

Very impressive! Great work

I have 1k in BitConnect and can see both sides of the argument about whether its a scam or not. I think the returns they are making seem more realistic and the bot does tend to follow the volatility of bitcoin. On a bad day there is no return for example. My only issue is the liquidity of the BCC coin once everyone wants to cash out. It may not be an issue but I guess time will tell.