Looking for a job in the block-chain industry?

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CryptoMurmur is a new source for finding your role in the block-chain industry.

I am excited to point my fellow Steemians to the new CryptoMurmur website, found at http://cryptomurmur.com/. Our goal at CryptoMurmur is to educate and inspire new participants in the world of block-chain, and for those who are ready to make the leap, to provide a constantly updating source of information about the latest career offerings in the industry.

At CryptoMurmur, you will find basic guides to help with cryptocurrency fundamentals like "So what exactly is cryptocurrency?" and basic tutorials like "How do I buy Bitcoin?". The blog also provides articles with insight and perspective on the emerging technology in articles like, "The way money used to be" and "Why cryptocurrency might actually be better for the environment".

Most importantly, however, CryptoMurmur is designed to help you find a job! We are in the process of adding jobs on a constant basis for users to peruse and apply. Jobs are listed in a range of categories, from developers to designers, from marketers to community managers, and more. Take some time to look around -- we hope you will find a job in the block-chain industry that fits your talents and skill-set here. Have a look at our jobs board and apply!

Of course, we are just getting started. As the website is further developed, you will find more blogs, tutorials, opinion pieces and of course, more jobs! Check back daily to see the progress we are making and send us your comments and questions!

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