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Enlte is recognized as a decentralized blockchain (similar to other ICO tokens such as Mango Start Ups, Gamblica, Alttex, THEFANDOME, BunnyToken, KickCity, Amon, Dentix) based system designed to resolve the real-life problems without approaching any centralized government system or other organization. This is a location-based social engine that allows making system fast with excellent network capabilities. With this system, people can get a power to rate any experience by showing their original identity or anonymously. After that, they can upload their rating to nearby networks through real-time updates and geo-stamping along with geofencing the experience. Today, the internet has become a prime element to connect people all around the world and helps them in socializing with each other. An ENLTE platform is designed with the aim of developing a new social networking platform for the user’s supported secured blockchain technology. With this platform, people will also get a chance to earn Enlte coin for exchanging required information and spreading awareness among all the users of the platform.
** The Idea Behind Enlte Coin **
The idea behind Enlte is that anybody can share their experiences about anything only to people who are nearby. The goal is to warn others of things to avoid or things to try if they are nearby and perhaps planning to do the same thing.

Enlte operates on a three-dimensional network that incorporates social networking, geo-targeting, and intelligent browsing to offer the ideal experience.
** Make A Difference **
This is by no means a unique idea – there are many online platforms that seek to serve small communities too. However, it is unique in the approach that it takes. It is a decentralized platform that accommodates virtually all niches and utilizes the best in social networking. What’s more, it is a brilliant platform that entices users to share and reach out.

The ultimate goal of Enlte is to enable users to make a difference in their communities from the comfort of their phones. That said, there are other goals and opportunities as well.

Earn While You’re at It
Enlte is also planning to reward users for their help by venturing into the cryptocurrency market. It has launched its very own cryptocurrency that users can utilize with others in their community for a wide variety of uses. The currency is also called Enlte, and it is already circulating and available on many cryptocurrency markets.

Enlte Coin ICO Is Ongoing
To get in on the Enlte platform, you have to get the Enlte app. You will need to buy 1,000 Enlte coins for this. Payments are made via Bitcoin and other crypto and fiat currencies.

There are also many ways to earn from the cryptocurrency. For starters, you will get 500 Enlte coins for every individual that registers via your link. The app will be easy to refer as it is very vibrant and welcoming.

In addition to referral bonuses, you can also expect to reap big from the cryptocurrency’s inflation as time goes by. As mentioned, the coin has been circulating for some time now, and it has already started appreciating in value.

It started off at $0.016 but it is now going for $0.080, and the trend is expected to continue steadily as it makes a complete entry into the market. It will be the ideal coin to use as it can be shared in close contact, thus eliminating any chance of fraud – it will also be accessible internationally as Enlte has many regions to cover.

Finally, your phone will mine Enlte coins for you passively the more you utilize the Enlte app. This, however, should be easy considering all there is to know about your surroundings in the app.

Reference Code - https://web.enlte.com/ref.php?ref_code=d9b98d1276050ac786363075a84eeeda


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Enlte wallet>>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.enlte.wallet


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