Keep track of your investments in crypto, but HOW???

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Hello my dear steemians.
Today I just want to ask a question, because it's driving me crazy!

I started to invest in some crypto projects I really believe in half a year ago and got a bit addicted to the market.
Meanwhile I have 8 coins that I invested in.
Now I'm facing the problem, that now and then (More often then is healthy ;) I want to check the prices fast.

But how?

Of course I could open Coinmarketcap, refresh and search through the list over and over again.
But there has to be a better way.

Meanwhile I created an Excel that is using the Coinmarketcap - Webservice to get faster.

Small visualisation with some Excel functions on top and it looks quite nice.

As my solution doesn't work for mobile devices (tried it with EXCEL APP) I'm still searching for something better.

Would be happy for everybody who can give me a hint.
Thanks a lot in advance.


I hope there is a faster application to track investment in crypto that can be used on mobile devices and computers so it will make it easier for us all.

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