Is it too late to buy bitcoin? This answers THE BIG question

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Wherever I am on the internet, in which ever dark spot of the crypto sphere I end up. There are always people asking;

Am I too late?

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? Did I miss the boat? omg fomo. I know that it's a complicated world out there so I've decided to jump in, do my part, and create a website for anybody that feels insecure about Bitcoin (or about their entire purpose of life for that matter)

Just so that there is a place, a safe haven where you can go and do a reality check every now and than. Ground yourself.

Am I still real? are my thoughts making sense? what am I doing with my life? These kinds of questions can all be boiled down to;

You are welcome.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.33.50.png

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No you're not late. You still can buy them it worth. I plan that bitcoin will worth 10.000$ in max 2 years. :D


I think it might happen much faster than 2 years. Its already at 4500 :D

no man u not late hahahaha


Don't worry, bouuut a thinggg

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Long term speaking, it's always a good time to buy bitcoin. Speaking of daily trading, maybe it's time to go to bed.


I agree! I'm a sucker at day trading, always make the wrong move. Trade the swings or just sit back and Hooodllll