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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Bull Flag Fractals Everywhere!!

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Love Trumps Hate
Upvotes Trump Flags

Shifu got over 1K followers under 24 hours despite all the hate and mockery (From a guy who made 7 posts in 20 hours:

The comments make me sick. From now on don't send beer tips to @haejin. Lease/buy SP and upvote upvote upvote.
@haejin should have brought al least 500 people to steemit. If steemit isn't grateful we'll make sure of it. For the first time these bullies are helpless when it comes to making posts disappear and nuking accounts.

There were many who got damaged due to speaking up. Let's give those guys an upvote too.

  1. Never talk with flaggers.

I wrote scamalysis because it's hilarious. I don't really care what he writes or doesn't write or how valuable it even is or isn't.I have a downvote button and I use it on people who make 20 posts a day.

This is a guy called hendrix22 and note the lie about 20 posts a day.

  1. Upvote @haejin - A minnow like me only get 10 upvotes a day. I use half of them on @haejin and sponsored him on @steembasicincome This will negate the efffect of downvotes.

  2. Withdrw support from the violators of NAP. content of the above article made me undo one of my witness votes and I will not use the voting bots related to these violators of NAP(rando & buildawhale from what I know)

  3. Do nothing. Keep your calm and know to vote with your digital feet when a better alternative comes and steemit start looking like Bitcoin community.

You may also find some good arguments here:


Good points. I also marvel at how people scream and call other persons to join them and go on a flagging spree. Why flag another person's post? It shows pure hatred and greed expecially if the flagged post is beneficial to a lot of persons content wise.

Funny thing is they're (the flaggers) the ones that champion the decentralization campaigns, but then they're been centralized and using the censorship gag.

Stop Hating, It's not Good For Your Health

If a people upvoted quality content and flag spammer/plaigarists the reward pool would naturally balance itself. @haejin's success could have motivated other veterans like @ew-and-patterns and @freeforever who have TA specialized blogs to keep posting more and more quality stuff attracting upvotes and balancing the reward pool via positive reinforcement.

Instead there is a massive flame war based on a manufactured crime. Steemit requires a clear constitution. We can't have lazize faire and authoritarianism at the same place. Opposing groups cannot co-exist; only alternatives can.

It's also very probable that some of these people are profiting from @haejin's calls. Here is one of them:

I caught this person red handed lying and deceiving while profiting from @haejin.

My post that was nuked to oblivion is back positive. You may be onto something. Thanks, I've spent the day doing other things, but continued mulling these incidents over...

I really, really like your #2 above. Withdraw consent.

And #3 is arriving faster than we probably are thinking.

I was a supporter of Burnie's but recently have had a comment critiquing him nuked and I’m thinking maybe this community forming here is more deserving.

Communities are just formless collectives. What I stick with is the principles. I fought for a bunch of writers a month ago during exactly similar incident and I wasn't even a fan of those writers. I fought for them because of my principles.

Aggression is wrong.
Might doesn't make anything right.
Anything that doesn't violate NAP isn't wrong and shouldn't be acted against.
Force can only be countered with equal or greater force.
Anybody has the right to agrees against the first breach of NAP as long as the following aggressions doesn't far exceed the original aggression.
Right permits might.
Acting against a first breach of NAP isn't a crime although it could be morally impure/ a sin.

Eg: In the case of an armed robbery. First-degree murder by potential victims is a non-crime given that,
1)The perpetrators were armed with weapons capable of threatening a Non-Agressor's life.
2)The perpetrators were not tortured

Prevention is better than cure. The greatest justice is prevention of crime. A crime is an aggression against a person's life, liberty, property. Law & Order should under no circumstance should punish the second aggressor for anything that doesn't go above neutralizing a threat to a non-aggressor's life, liberty, property.

Justice is pointless if it's a stable closed after the horse has escaped. The point of Justice is allowing framework for the Non-Aggressors to become immune to aggression. Criminals should fear victims and the only way that's going to happen is by making it open season for criminals.

Eye for an eye shouldn't be enforced but allowed as nobody would dare to take another man's eye knowing that it would make it open season for anyone to attack him with enough force to permanently psychically damage the aggressor without killing him.

I saw your post earlier and went away for a while and returned to comment. Then I saw it nuked. Didn't even bothered to upvote because of those massive high value flags. #3 is most certainly arriving faster than we probably are thinking. We are where BTC was 4 years ago.

We have to do our best to fight this war in a non-aggressive way. @haejin only made one BTC post instead of 4-5 he would have made by this time. This would be discouraging to other veteran TAs like @ew-and-patterns and @freeforever. Few such TAs competing for upvotes in a free market would have easily balanced the reward pool while making the community a better place.

I was starting to make about 10 long posts a week and was thinking about doing 12-15. After the recent incidents I'm going to just post 3-5 simply out of respect for my friends and followers on steemit.

Your nuked post reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul Season 1. If you have 4.5 hours to spare please watch it. It'd give it a 10/10 It's based on what's about to become the highest selling non-shounen (Teen) manga.

Hmm, I don't see it on Netflix.

Is it on netflix?

Yes it's on both Netflix and Hulu.

Nice, will watch while keeping an eye on Blockfolio :) thanks man

Currently I'm mostly on BAT, MCO NEO, Doge, ETH (X5 leverage) and my steemit minnow account. I'm doing ok.
If you give me a list of your preferences I can make a bunch of recommendations.

I'm sitting on TRX, MCO, SYS, PLR and ARK. Still learning how to ladder in and not sure if I should be taking profits when the numbers hit @haejin's targets or take profits before that. There was a climb over night, but seems to be retracting now. Speaking of MCO - are you at all interested in actually using their VISA cards for real world cases? I was thinking of ordering Ruby card for my self. 1% cashback on crypto sounds fun.

I'm a highscool dropout living with my parents. I don't plan to spend my crypto regularly. But MCO is my favorite card. I've been around since that almost 450% gains it stated out with.

I'm wondering if TRX or YOYOW would be a good place to migrate to if these flaggers keep disrespecting the shifu.

Very interesting... I couldn't even load the post under 2), so I only saw the first lines... this network is very badly designed not just graphically, but it also brings out the worst in people when they actively start fighting each other. Features are missing here, I personally like better, their payments system hasn't yet managed to create so much hate... then again, remember that BernieSanders types often live off welfare and see the creation of valuable content (which is what @haejin does) as a danger to Egalitarianism in general, and that it reeks of Smart Privilege ;)

Personally I think @dan has a naive teenager's outlook about humanity. The loss of curation rewards isn't going to stop any hater from doing damage. Negative reinforcement doesn't work as well as positive reinforcement. current setup of flags makes steemit a zero-sum game when it comes to voting.

There are more high quality content on steemit than low quality content. Therefore I think flags should cost twice the voting power depletion compared to an upvote. This way a person would be forced to flag content that are obviously negative content such as spam where people would be more than willing to support such flagging resulting in punishment to the spammers. even if good posts get flagged, $100 upvotes can withstand $200 in flags.

Never trust people. Trust incentives.

I see 3 types of Bernie supporters (much like the supporters of the politician)
1)Self-Righteous authoritarians
2)Jealous/misguided people adopting commie logic/arguments/methods as a reaction to things they see (Like a person's success or what a person deserve etc.)
3)Just bottom feeding moochers who'd support anyone driven by greed, hate etc. One of those who were calling @haejin unfair and RP Rapist was actually serial spammer and photo plagiarist which I reported to steemcleaners and I saw that account later with 16 reputation.

+1 for anything but the politic statement :-)

I often don't see eye to eye with your comments (that's not a knock, just information) but what you just said is exactly what has been going through my mind. Those kiddos remind me of the kids around my town. I call them kids, but they are in their 20's and 30's. They somehow have developed the idea that they deserve something for nothing, and constantly try to tear down anything productive. They also usually don't have jobs, and scam people bernieflanders using tons of bots and accusing Haejin of doing that (which he isn't) and acting like it's a crime. I'm not sure who taught them these shitty ideas, but somehow they think it's "cool" to be a completely useless loser in life.

I'm given to being sarcastic, don't take everything I say at face value - in doubt, just take at face value what I'd like to be taken at face value ;)
I'm 35, so I have lots of acquaintances among THEM - it's a natural way to be if you grew up under the current situation, have never been challenged and are still a TV addict in our late twenties or so. So many may see this network as another SJW honeypot ;)

Thanks for the point to - I am currently looking for a landing spot for a possible Exodus. That site looks much more refined than steemit. I will look more into their terms and how it works. Thank you.

There's lots of political controversy on minds, be prepared for that ;)
You can switch it off, though. Ask me if you have problem.

I really don't think it's their age, or what they grew up under, or even Television. I am the age that many of them are likely close to, grew up under the same system, and watch TV regularly. It's something much deeper than that I believe. It's a sense of being powerless, and falling into a dark hole of depression because of it. That is covered up with layers of substance abuse, violence, and being empowered by others going through the same thing. Misery loves company.

In my opinion, the absolute worst feeling you can experience as a human being is the feeling that something terrible is happening in your world that you just have absolutely no control over. There is no solution, there is no answer, there is no way to keep it from being the truth. That feeling causes people to sink deeper, and resort to extreme measures, no matter the cost to themselves or others in the long run. It's an very self centered view of the world. Maturity is generally what we used to call it when people got over those things and started to think of others more positively and how to solve issues rather than dwell on the things they cannot change. We are so far off the path that was laid before us that it looks to some like burning down the whole forest is the only way to see where you're going, when that really only leads to being lost in a landscape that is even more obscured by the enormous realm of nothingness.

Remarkable insight into the adolescent mind, I had started to forget about those woes (but I've always been sort of outward-oriented and found multiple ways of influencing, to a degree).
What path do you actually mean that "was laid before us" ?
I tend to see these things from a neuroanthropological viewpoint, and that's of course a bit removed from the subjective inside-out view of the average human being, though it will in the end cover up.
Maybe too late ;)

The path of the mind itself. The path of the self. To be evolutionary, to build on what we have overcome as once we were purely beast. The development of the frontal cortex as the most densely ramified organism of biology is the largest leap evolution has ever made in one short time period. If you believe that sort of thing....I mean, the same organism is the one telling us these things.

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