Casper API - a reliable data storage with many advantages.

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          The amount of information is overgrowing, and the number of companies that conduct their business online is also growing. The use of modern technologies for business development contributes to the replacement of the sector of the economy, which is one of the essential factors of data storage.

          Each company strives to provide its customers with the highest level of security and information security. The amount of data that is used to solve various business processes is measured in terabytes, which contributes to the expansion of the data storage market.

          The move to cloud storage of information has opened many opportunities for companies and private users. The ability to create a decentralized storage system with blockchain technology allows users to access a modern, fully protected system.

          The Casper API combines all the essential functions and, in comparison with other similar platforms, has more favorable terms of use. The platform makes it possible to store the data of any decentralized application created on a blockchain.

Casper API Features.

          A modern network, which is designed to store data, will be in demand among users of cloud services. The system is created by the principles of the chain of blocks. Accordingly, user requests will be performed automatically, and participants will be able to influence and regulate them. Files will be downloaded to the cloud service, after which the user will be able to access data from any device.

          The Casper API combines several essential functions that make it easier to work on the platform. The company took care of ensuring a high speed of downloading information. Users will give the opportunity to create access to a specific file for other users. The platform will encode all data that are saved. Casper API provides participants with an information storage service for a particular cost.

How will this work in practice?

          Imagine that you used the services of Casper platform and rented secure storage. You have vital information that must be reliably protected from theft and change, and also you want to grant access to a particular person, for example, John.

          You upload your information to the platform, and it also gets into a secure, decentralized network of the blockchain. In addition to you, no one can see your information, as it will be encrypted here.

          To transfer this information to John, you will need to create a private key that you will provide to John, and he will be able to see this information at any time from any device.

          Nobody except you, in any way, can access this information, no hackers will be able to crack the blockchain. Since any changes or requests are confirmed by the main part of the network and any attempt to hack and gain access to your data will be rejected by the miners.

The best-decentralized storage for users!

          Considering the constant growth of information technologies, the demand for cloud storage services will increase. Casper platform provides storage of information on more favorable terms, in comparison with other available storage, thanks to this, the platform will quickly gain its audience and create competition in the information storage market.

          Simple technology of uploading and downloading information, integration with other blockchain platforms, high level of reliability and confidentiality, will allow users to spend less time performing the necessary tasks. And the participants will be sure of the safety of the data.

          Casper API provides participants with a platform on which all the necessary information will be stored reliably, on more favorable terms. Capabilities of the Casper API will be available to investors, traders, providers, the reserve fund, and performers. For storing information, the platform will take a specific fee. Suppliers will be able to receive revenue by providing storage services and CDN. The user will be able to become a supplier after acquiring storage for 50 Tb, a router, 1920 tokens, a rack for posting and meeting all Casper API obligations. The platform provides opportunities to generate additional revenue for each participant.

Let's look at the basic details of the ICO:

  • Soft Cap: $5 500 000
  • Hard Cap: 26,2 million USD
  • The price of the token for the first stage of the ICO is 0,12 USD
  • The cost of the token for the second stage of the ICO is 0.16 USD

The ICO time is June-July 2018, more detailed information will be published on the website


          Given the capabilities of the platform and its prospects, I think that the demand for the project will be very high.

          Services for storing information to date, quite a lot, too high cost of services or unreliability of the company, lead to the emergence of new, improved platforms that offer their users favorable terms.

          The Casper API combines all the necessary functions that will ensure comfortable work for each of the participants. Storing data with blockchain technology guarantees a high level of security, all information will be available at any time and from any device, which will significantly facilitate the work of users.

My opinion, the project is waiting for a good start and rapid development in this direction.

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You can get acquainted with the project by following links:
Official website
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Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=212645
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How do you think on this ICO you can earn a lot?

Casper very quickly collected at PRE-sale, I think on the Main sale, they will also very quickly collect. In general, the project creates an essential product and as I heard it is already being tested, and there is a working prototype.

Of course, Casper has a lot of competitors, but they can be better than all of them. They have everything thought out, and they want to create the perfect platform, I invest in this ICO, I think I'm doing the right thing!

Thank you for the review of such an exciting company, I am involved with IT technologies and understand what prospects for decentralized cloud storage facilities we use are centralized, and we have a lot of problems, especially it's high cost! I participate in this project and advise everything.

Such a project deserves attention, and the team is very experienced. Of course, the sphere is very difficult to implement, but I hope that everything will turn out.

Thanks for your article, it was very useful for me, I decided to promote this project, I see everything here very competently and seriously.

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An exciting company and product they have very good, blockchain in this area is necessary. Perhaps I will study this project and take part in ICO

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I like the quality of this project, it's clear that the professionals are working, everything is done very well, I participated in the ICO and I am happy about it!

Cloud storage in the IT industry is now the most relevant area. I think this company has a good chance of success. Because what they do, competitors do not.

I like what I read in your article, everything is interesting. I think it's worth taking part in this start-up.

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