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Hello Steemians,

Here is the weekly close for this weeks 'weekly candles' closing at $6,515 USD

Snap 2018-08-19 at 21.06.51.jpg

As you can see on the chart the weekly basis looks like BTC/USD is in a bearish channel formation.

Invalidation price of the channel would be $7,666 USD

This is not Financial Advice, under your own responsability


good to have a larger timeframe perspective. It's just been bouncing within the channel. btw how you define the buy zone ? bottom of the channel

btw come join us on @timm - a community for traders/investors to share and discuss
do you have discord ?

Hi @onepercentbetter, thanks for your comments. I look at bubble analysis and demand and supply levels.
Thanks for the invite, ill stop by.

Thanks for sharing that, certainly 've followed you.
I try to post useful content too, will be glad to see you among my followers.

Thanks for the comment, sure we can follow. All the best

Hi @turtle-trader, thanks for the clarity in the TA, looks like BTC will have some interesting price action in the weeks ahead.

What do you mean by invalidation price?

Greetings from México,

Hi @Layra, thanks for the comment. Invalidation price means when the setup or price theory is invalidated, different price action follows.

Hi @turtle-trader, thank for the info! Cheers

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