Big crashing going on lately. BTC below 1900 and ETH around 140. How much have you lost this week, or are you HODLING???

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Personally I didn't lose much because I invested it back into Steempower, which over short term will make money back.

Is SEGWIT going to crash the price of Bitcoin in short term and long term? I think it will. SEGWIT once put into action will have devastating consequences for centralizing miners more and giving them control.


Did you know there are costs and negatives about SEGWIT? Probably not right? Nobody talks about those... Here, check out what the developers of Bitcoin Core say.

One of the worst risks, is that when SEGWIT is fully implemented, any transactions done on the sidechain can be completely reversed by just one 51%attack. The data moves so fast in SEGWIT that it can wipe out years of transactions within minutes. If you use SEGWIT to transfer coins know that you risk having everything you ever did be reversed. If you do it onthe BTC blockchain itself, a 51% attack from miners can only go backwards in time by 2 or 3 or 4 blocks (20 to 40 minutes) because of they need to continuously solve new blocks, that is not the case on SEGWIT.


ouchy btc crashy.png

Some extra reading here

Price seems to be going up a bit now, buy now or cry later is what I always say hehe.


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I sold some BTC last week, right before I was about to break a loss. I plan on buying a lot more after August 1, I have optimism.for BTC in the long run

And in case you're still hodling right now and getting nervous about the loss you're making:


Oh for sure, do not sell right now. When it was up to 2900 that was the best time to sell(in the short term), but in the long term it is always the right time to buy for Bitcoin.

Lost 50% of my portfolio. But I'll hodl till there's no more need to :)

I am still holding! Still having confidence in ETH.
I have written an article about that too!


I think ETH is the way to go right now, big update coming within next few months :)

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