BITCOIN: Alternative count...

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for an invalidated Bullish count...

Recognizing that my previous count, bullish, has been recently invalidated...

Does not look to be an alternative bullish count right now, the correction is not finished and what I see for the moment is a possible 3-3-5 FLAT Correction.

Hope I am wrong, but if not, 9400 USD should be the stronger support...

Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.

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and if there is no "Alt season" ... the panic could lead btc to test the 6k's and ...

it's a interesting scenario to play

what a weird period of time this

como repita en 13k nos vamos a volver lokas xDD

@toofasteddie, thank you for sharing your interesting analysis with us!

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you are welcome

Thank you for the laugh Toofasteddie, making sense of past patterns, lines and graphs can't predict the future. It could be some whales manipulating the markets so chartists fall for their traps again.

Sure, it could be 😂, so... I understood that you don’t use charts in your research in order to place a buy or sell order...what do you use then?

Chart's are fine if you are day-trading or speculating; for investing they can be used to establish an entry an exit time. I'll look at a chart to make sure I'm not paying the highest price of the day and may overlay a chart with dividend history and news events to see how much impact they have on a securities price. Charts can also be used to see if there is patterns in volume to take advantage of too. I use them for about 0-5% of my decision-making process.

For me, it's all about asset allocation, top-down analysis, and fundamentals. I use accounting figures, read the MD&A and contact investor relations if possible. Once I make a decision, I may look at a chart or may not.

I suggest you to combine both, fundamental and technical analysis, the combination is powerful, cheers

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