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RE: Zuckerberg is wishing he would have just gone full Bitcoin...

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Bitcoin will never replace gold as a hedge. I can put a gold coin in my hand.
Silver is an even easier store of value that every man can hold in hand too...

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How do you know it's not a tungsten coin under there? Much easier to counterfeit gold or silver than it is bitcoin...

You exchange your fiat and crypto with a reputable dealer that doesn't buy their US bullion from China dealers on

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They don't even know how many fakes are floating around out there. There are even some industry veterans that have passed along counterfeits without even knowing it. In fact, I remember seeing something on the news about them finding some fakes in Fort Knox of all places. Go figure...

So what do you do in the meantime while waiting 10-15 years before $STEEM MAYBE breaks $1 again?

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Steem was never mentioned. If the inflation rate is not ratcheted down, it will be hard for prices to go up any time soon. I did mention bitcoin though.

maybe you had in mind 10 -15 month ? Or weeks ?

Fakes are the result of greed and a buyer's laziness.
Every industry has some kind of horror story.

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Bitcoin is one of the hardest and most costly assets to counterfeit in history.

It's also much easier for my silver coin to reach $25 than $STEEM even moving to $.50.

Down 82% over the last year and not looking too promising, even with the uber-late SMT implementation.

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Again, not sure how the conversation has moved to steem, but yes steem has had a terrible 18 months, like most of crypto. Bitcoin is in a separate class than every other coin in my opinion. There is bitcoin, then everything else. Silver may double or triple in the coming years, but that doesn't make my point about counterfeit and it being a worse store of value than bitcoin any less valid.

Can silver make 20x ? Hardly.

Can steem do this ? EASY !

Can I ask one thing @tonygreene113 ?
How long ago have you discovered cryptos ?

So you say "never" ?
Can we return to this subj in say FIVE years ?

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