What if you invested 10$ on each coin of the Top100 coins @ 1st January 2017?

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Hello steemers!

2017 will be remembered for many things, good and bad, but I (and many of us) will probably remember it as the year of the cryptocurrency booooom.

So...what were you doing on the 1st of January 2017? Probably having a great dinner, drinks and fun with your family and friends and hoping that 2017 was going to be amazing. And that's cool and necessary. But..what if you would have just left that mojito aside and decided to invest 10$ on each coin of the Top100 currency list at that time at CoinMarketCap?

Thanks to the online tool CryptoCompare.com we are now able to know what your position will be right now, and it's pretty interesting because we would have made a little bit more of x18 on our investment. It's fascinating to see that there are only a few coins that have diminished their value.

You can check the full portfolio on the following link

Your thoughts and comments will be much appreciated, I'm pretty much starting to write on Steem and I absolutely believe in its potential :) 


- There are 5 coins that were originally in the Top100 market which are not showing up at CryptoCompare. I have used the following 101,102...coins on that day to substitute those not showing. The coins are Tether, Agoras, Lykke (not in any exchange), Fedora and VPNCoin. However, this doesn't change much the final amount.

- There are 2 coins, YBCoin and and Bytecoin which are not showing correct values at Cryptocompare, so i changed it for the coins 106 and 107 on the list.

- You can take a look at the snapshot prices used for this study here

- There's a slight +10$ on the acquisition cost even writing down exact decimals, I don't know why, probably some cryptocompare.com rates or calculations.

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Nice idea. And the return is amazing...

thanks! Yes it's pretty amazing. However, if we would have invested the 1000$ just in ethereum now we will have 121 ETH which is more or less 38K :)

Well if you're still holding then you actually made more than those 38 k :D
I'm planning on doing the same idea tomorrow and wait until January 1 2019.

Let's hope for the best.

But hey where do you keep all those coins ? Just on the exchanges ? A bit risky ?

https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@thepassenger/what-will-happen-if-you-invest-10usd-on-each-coin-of-the-top100-coins-1st-january-2018 Here you have the 2018 edition. It's always better to have them in your own wallets, that's for sure.

bounces head against wall

Omg do you think this will still be possible if I started this now?

Can we do this in 2018?

yes, ill do it again!

Hi!! Could you change the currency to bitcoins so we can see the performance of each currency in relation to the BTC?
maybe just for one day???

I have changed into BTC for a while ;)

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