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in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Yes, it is making new hights again, but I think it is time for a small cool-down very soon.

But maybe I'm wrong and we're still in a massive 3. wave up yet?

These are just my thoughts, not a trading advice. Do your own research before buying or selling.
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These levels are starting to make me a bit nervous...I think its because 1: It seems a bit too good to be true...as in are we out of the bear market? and 2: comparing it to the 2014 bear market it's so far resembling it quite a bit...and if it is still to follow that then a lower low could happen any min.

But on the other hand I saw this article about BTC futures and its impact (written back in Dec before futures was launched) and it clearly showed how BTC has been following Gold prices! and the guy even predicted that BTC will see severe bear market and will bottom out around April!....so I'm unsure whos right at the moment..so I ain't fully in...but its just a pity that I could have made a bit more with the recent gains with the money thats waiting to be invested....but this bear market has taught me to be a bit more cautious.

Btw...that article I found is directly opposite to the very negative article that you found about futures. To bad your one is no longer online as I wanted to confirm something - I think the article was saying giving very incorrect silver/gold futures launch dates. I think the guy was trying to spread FUD.

There has definitely been a slowdown lately but for the past 3 times it slowed down this month there was a nice influx of buyers