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If Risk Is Your Friend Check Out This Interest Bearing Opportunity

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, I consider myself pretty conservative. 

A lot of this is because I’m fairly new to this exciting world.

I don’t feel comfortable going all out in these types of investments because I know I’m not ready to be at that level. 

I am dabbling in multiple things but really like the steady returns of products like Bitconnect so far.

A friend of mine showed me something that is like Bitconnect in terms of being paid a daily interest so I figured I’d share with all of you. 

What are friends for right!

This investment platform is called Control-Finance and the way they make money is they have a portfolio on Poloniex, BTC-e, bitstamp, bitfinex and many more.  

They hold and trade cryptocurrencies and pay out a 1% interest daily. 

The more money you lend this company the more you earn and the best part is you don’t have to do anything because they do all the selling and buying for you. 

Your money is used as capitol for the investment platform and in return you get the daily percentage paid out which you can withdraw daily to a private account.

A Few Perks Similar Sites Don’t Have

While this may seem like other investment programs, there are a lot of little perks along the way that make this program stand out. 

The first thing I wanted to point out is the minimum deposit for Control-Finance is only ten dollars! 

That’s right, ten bucks! 

I know I’ve seen a lot of investment programs and have seen anywhere between $100-1000 minimum deposit requirements so I like the fact you don’t have to risk a lot to get started. 

This allows you to test the waters and you can always add more to your account if you feel like this is a program you want to stick with (or if you want to see if it seems legit.)

Control-Finance has been providing their services internationally since they began. 

They are involved with China, Japan, Germany, Malaysia and many other countries who are recognizing cryptocurrencies and block chain technology.

How Is Their Communication?

Control-Finance has plenty of ways for you to communicate with them if you have any questions, and the CEO even has his email on the contact list if you ever want to shoot him an email with any questions you may have. 

I haven’t done this yet but I like the fact that he is making himself available because I know a lot of other CEO’s won’t do that. 

If you just go to their website they always have someone available to chat in case you have any questions (which I did use and had a fast answer to my questions.)

They also list a phone number along with telegraph, skype, facebook, and twitter as other options for communication.

A Super Affiliate Program

Now the main thing that really sets this company apart is their affiliate program. 

If everything goes as planned you should be able to make money using them as an investment platform, but that’s not where the earning stops. 

They are so confident they can make you money that they encourage you to tell friends by having one of the better affiliate programs I’ve seen. 

Depending on how much you invest into the company, you will be placed in an affiliate tier and can make money by helping your friends make money through them. 

One of the cool things Control-Finance offers is you can benefit from the affiliate program without investing any money. 

You are eligible for the first tier as soon as you make an account and will be giving an affiliate code. 

If someone you refer to the site deposits money you will get 5% commission. 

Direct signups will always count as your first tier but if those signups go out and get their own signups, you get paid for them as well. 

I wouldn’t suggest referring the program to others though, if you are not willing to trust their service yourself.

Multiple Tiers Offered

I know it sounds like a pyramid scam and that is one of the knocks to this company, but if my friend Richard refers me, I’m his first tier and he gets the 5% commission (assuming he doesn’t invest himself) and if I refer someone, that becomes Richards second tier and he will get 5% of their deposit as well. 

While most people fear this kind of stuff, I’ve seen multiple companies in different areas use this method and they have been very successful doing so because it gives incentives for other people (like me) to tell others about Control-Finance.  

This is a fairly common practice in online poker and daily fantasy sites so I’m not that surprised to see an investment platform offering the same deal since it really boosts the public’s interest to make money off commissions.  

I encourage you to take a look at some of the affiliate percentages for those who do invest as well because naturally they are a lot better than those who don’t. 

What Sets Control-Finance Apart?

The one thing that really got me interested in this company is they publish all their reports on their website. 

You can see all the trades and moves they made for the week and gain a better understanding to how the company is doing if you want. 

This is promising because you can see everything and know exactly how much the company is making. 

What Are The Risks?

Now just like anything that deals with cryptocurrencies, there is a risk here too. 

The first risk is that Control-Finance is relatively new and they haven’t been around that long. 

In fact, they have only been public and licensed since September of 2016.  

The general public typically has two different approaches with new companies, and it’s either A) take a wait and see approach, or B) get in before it’s too late.

With their low minimum deposit requirements, I tend to lean on the get in while it’s hot approach myself. 

I personally feel like the longer you wait the more risk you are taking because it is very possible for this company (just like any other company in this market) to go belly up.  

As of now it looks like you are going to have to wait about two and half months to get your money back.

I’m just wired in the way that I’d rather get it in now than wait to start my two and a half month trial down the road if I’m going to try this. 

Any Red Flags?

And that leads me to the biggest red flag this company has going for it. 

That red flag is you cannot pull out your original deposit once it’s made! 

This is where Control-Finance is completely different than other investment platforms like Bitconnect. 

Again, I’m fairly new to investing and use Bitconnect because it’s one of several platforms I’m invested in, but once I hit 120 days in Bitconnect I have the option to pull out my original deposit.

That just isn’t the case with Control-Finance

Once you invest with them, the original investment is gone and you are basically banking on that 1% interest paid to you daily to get your money back and then some hopefully.

From what I’ve been reading on multiple sites is that while this is risky, there is at least a track record of payments being received daily from multiple people. 

So, it looks legit for now, and if you can get through that month and half, you should be golden and everything after that is just income if you so choose it to be. 

Or you can reinvest and compound the interest. Just build your account to where you want it to be and receive fatter daily interest payments. 

It’s all up to you on what you want to accomplish so the sky is the limit if you believe in this company and have an appetite for risk.

I took a little leap of faith and deposited $1000 to start off my account in order to get the bonus interest along with the improved affiliate tier. 

They also threw in a $50 bonus to my account that I wasn't even aware they offered!

Here's what I should be earning below:

Check out Control-Finance Here if you are interested! - Affiliate Link Disclosure

Thanks for reading!

We will be posting updates on how the program is going.

Chris | @thedailyroto

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Interesting, you are talking to the risk averse investing king. So I hear ya man. Have to say though, in all my years of investing in equities, currencies, real estate and now crypto.

There is one thing that has never been realistic over the long -term; earning 1% a day in interest. Those returns cannot be maintained over a long-term horizon, the machine needs to be fed with new money constantly.

On the flipside, if you are early to the game. Then that is the time to invest, get what you can before it goes down hill. I may speculate with some small $s since I'll get it back and be freerolling by the time it all unwinds.


Yeah that was kind of my idea as well. Get in early knowing I'm still risking my investment but hope to make enough to make it worth my money before the faucet stops running.

Let us know how it goes!!! Will definitely use affiliate link if I do try it out.


Cool thanks, I will keep everyone posted and be the guinea pig!

Too good to be true. Very likely a ponzi scheme.


Yeah not sure but I understand the skepticism.

i need to consider it thanks for sharing it :)

Where is the interest held and how are you able to withdraw interest once it accumulates?


I'll tell you more tomorrow once I get my first interest payment. But from a tutorial I saw it can be automatically sent daily into a bitcoin address you provide in your profile so you don't even have to remember to withdraw it from your account or you can set an auto-reinvest option to put your interest back in to compound your returns.
Also you can manually withdraw it. But will know for sure tomorrow around 3pm central time when I get my first return.


Can you capture that withdrawal in video and let us see the platform?


yeah I'll try and get a video of the process in the next few days and show the withdrawal and such.


Here is a link to a video I made about their platform and other information. It also has me withdrawing my daily earnings.




Okay. thanks for explaining and look forward to the update


Here is a video I made of the platform after 4 days of using it:

Very nice friend.


Thanks, a little risky but isn't all of this stuff!