The Dood Reviews The File.Army Image Hosting Service.

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The File.Army image hosting service pays you in bitcoin for hosting your images on their site.

It has been awhile since I've done any website or product reviews. I recently started using the File.Army image hosting service and of all the image hosting services I've used I really like these folks the best. I did mention Steemit in the video since I created it before Steemit was capable of doing image uploads. Still if you're in need of a decent image hosting service for other sites, this site is pretty cool.

File.Army is a revenue sharing platform. Meaning they host advertisements on the site and pay out a fraction of their profits to their users. They pay you a fraction of BTC for your profile hits, image likes, follower count, and I think there's a couple other ways for you to earn. I cover a lot of this in the video review, and if you decide to sign up they have well written documentation that shows different ways to get paid, and any penalties for abuse, and not following the T.O.S.

Anyway here's the first video review I've done in a really long time. I've got a few more in the works and should have them up shortly. Thanks for reading, hope you watch and if you decide to join I hope you decide to follow The Dood.

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Thanks for reading and happy trading everyone!


Hi ,any further updates on this File army, any disputes on the wallet security?

Honestly, they lowered the payout structure and I just lost interest with it. I keep getting small payments to my wallet every couple days though. I look for the password later and check it out and give you an update later on. Just waking up over here :)

This website is pretty much useless. More than 75% of my views and like are not counted. They claim that they dont count some because of spamming or other activities. But the fact is, over the course of about 2 weeks I have had about 10 likes, all organic from random people and only 1 was counted. I also look at the amount of views I am getting and only about 25% of them are counted. So after 2 weeks I have spent about an hour uploading my photos and made 1.5 cents. Or something like .0000005 satoshi . I give up on them actually paying anything reasonable.

Yeah, I've had a similar experience. I stopped using the platform after they changed around the payout structure. It was a lot higher before. I know they're getting a lot of traffic from me, and I still get regular micro payouts from them, but I've been posting all my images to

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