Special New Year offer of 20% off of shares in my Bitcoin Mining Syndicate

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Mine Bitcoin with me

Joining the Mining Syndicate

I currently sell shares in my Bitcoin Mining Syndicate for 49.99 euros. But until midnight (GMT+2) on 10th January 2019 they will be $39.99 per share and people can have as many shares as they like.

These are the payment options:

  1. Send 39.99 Euros to my PayPal Address: [email protected]

  2. Send 0.0112 BTC to BItcoin Address: 12pAsyMdZoTHPvkiRAZiuQhC8bF4DLbYpQ

  3. Send 65 SBD or 172 STEEM to my Steemit Wallet: SydesJokes

Note: The BTC, SBD and Steem prices will fluctuate as the coin prices change.

If you would like to join me with mining contact me on Facebook Messenger or Telegram


If people refer others who buy shares I will give then a 5% referral fee.

Download the Brave Browser
and claim your 30 free Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)



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