SwiftCash $SWIFT Decentralized Lottery's Jackpot Hits Appx. 20,000 $SWIFT!

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In case you haven't been updated yet, SwiftCash v3.0 launched at the end of March with DeLotts {Decentralized Lotteries} and HODL/Term Deposits both fully happening on the blockchain. You can play with as little as 1 $SWIFT which only costs less than 0.01 STEEM! You can buy SWIFT with STEEM on STEEM-Engine, or with Bitcoin or some other famous Altcoins on Crex24 and AltMarkets.

Jackpot is 80% of the burned coins by users/players; 15% goes to Miners and Masternodes while 5% burns forever in a deflationary fashion! To play from the web wallet, send coins to Lottery instead of a SWIFT address. To play from the core wallet with x amount of coins, open the console and type lottery play x. Draws happen every 5000 block!


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