The Bitcoin Bounce - Up, Down and Back Up It Goes [Bitcoin][Crytpocurrency]

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How is everyone enjoying the Bitcoin trampoline bounce?

Last month on July 23, 2018 I posted Kin You Believe This? And Bitcoin is Back! Then 3 days later I followed it up with Giving Myself a Pat on the Back Wanting @Haejin Type Payouts Too!! - Called Bitcoin to $8200. In both articles I mention that Bitcoin price at around $6000 is significant because that seems to be where the price stops.

On August 13, 2018, the Bitcoin price once again went down and retested the resistance line at around $6000. The price has now bottomed and held at $6000 now at least 4 times within the last year which I mentioned in those posts. Lo and behold Bitcoin has now bounced off the $6000 mark on August 13, 2018 and is currently on a bullish trend back to $7400 - $7500 mark.

In my opinion, should Bitcoin climb past the $7500 mark, then I think it can easily climb back up to around the $8200/$8300 hundred mark. As I stated in the July 23 posting, $8300 is quite significant in my opinion because that is where last year the Bitcoin price recovered to after dropping to $6000 in Mid November. Bitcoin proceed to climb to $8200/$8300 and held there for about a week before launching into historic prices of near $20,000 per Bitcoin.

In the near term, my opinion is that Bitcoin will continue to exist, and will continue to hold a much higher price that it did last year in June of 2017. It seems that $6000 is a significant resistance marker that has been tested multiple times and could possibly make for a great entry point should we see those numbers again. I have a feeling we won't be seeing those numbers again, but you never know.

Let me know what you guys think Bitcoin goes from here currently at $7265 at time of this posting.

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gracias por el aporte que me ha brindado,espere no se olvide de visitarme lo necesito,feliz noche

I think BTC just went up crazily at the 4th quarter last year because people can buy BTC via credit cards plus Tether manipulated the markets by printing many Tether.

That is what I am expecting this year because they might manipulate the markets again while I think there is no more hope in buying BTC via credit cards which made a single person buy thousands of dollars in btc which makes a big difference if many people does it.

Another catalyst may catapult BTC price again and that is about the SEC decision. But if BTC continues to climb steadily it may get to 15,000 in December. @streetstyle

I dunno where it goes, maybe up, maybe down... :) I do feel 10K+ could happen if it goes up.


i think resistance has firmly set in at around $6000 and $7500 is probably the next wall, should we pass that with conviction to the $8300-$8500 range, then $10k will definitely be in the books for this year.


What do you think about altcoins? Some lost like 95% of value, and the BTC dominance isn't falling down. Will we see the all-time highs again? In the near future that is:)


I always tell peeps bitcoin is the grand daddy, so personally I hold more of that than anything else. I do like altcoins too.... especially the ones that do something that bitcoin does not... i.e. Steemit and Steem. Yes you can a bitcoin based social media platform, but it hasn't happened. I also like coins like Storj or siacoin and others too.
I also like a few of the micro-cent ones.... going from $7k to $70k is much harder than from $0.07 to $0.70 cents which is still 10x for both.
So I think that if btc were to go to $70k, then that 7 cent stock/token/coin might do 20x or 30x or more because money wise it will be easier to achieve.
As for all time highs, hard to say. Many say yes even as high as $144k per bitcoin in 5 yrs.... which I find hard to fathom... but then again I never thought $20k was even possible and yet it happened.

Hola amigo, buenos días, lo invito a conocer mi último poema, gracias por el apoyo.

Very good analogy of bitcoin and also other cryptos which are reacting with Price in a similar way. Thanks for this post @streetstyle and for sharing your insight :)

El steem poco a poco está subiendo, en más de una vez me ha sacado de aprietos ya que 1 Steem vale mucho al cambio de mi moneda local.

As you say if bitcoin can get 8300 the probabilty to see it over 9k is very high, i think when we can see more use for bitcoin, for example in japan you can pay your food,services and more with bitcoin and some alts, if we can see something like that in more and more countries the price will explote strong i mean we are talking that just the 5-10% o population in the world have and know cryptocurrency. Regards

Amigo @streetstyle cual crees pueda ser el precio del Bitcoin para finalizar el año 2018, danos una esperanza alcista por favor. Por cierto el Gift del trampolin es muy bueno


Aunque uno quiera todo los mas rapido..... embeces tenemos que esperar. Tengo mucho tiempo en Bitcoin, y por mucho tiempo el precio no subia y muchos se salieron antes de tiempo.
Es muy dificil decir lo que va pasar con Bitcoin, pero espero que mantengo el precio de hoy, asta posiblemente llegue otra vez a $10,000.


Buen consejo @stretstyle pero es dificil ya que para muchas personas la paciencia no es una virtud

Hola amigo @streetstyle buenos día excelente noticia. Bueno esperemos cierre este año con un buen precio.

Good morning @streetstyle, I turn on my computer and I see your post, thanks for making the day start with a smile.
I think the bitcoin will pass the 8000 barrier to continue its ascent, the probability of this happening is 50%.
have a good Sunday :)

I think the prices in these times have been very unstable, but I think they will rise soon and it will be better.

To reach 8k, it should pas 7500, if it not, it will pull back, That what my resources are saying, Let see what happens, if it crosses 7500 then we can see it go above 8k.

You are right Bitcoin is gaining momentum. If you believe the analysts, then in December it will grow more than in December 2017, which is good.

It's like a swing. I also hope that 6,000 bitcoins will be gone, he has been balancing in the area for so long.

The good news is if your premonitions come true I'll be very happy :) Thanks for the positive message.

We have touched this 6000 level sooo many times. It’s has become very significant support which if broken, all hell may break loose. On the other hand and as you mentioned, everytime we get there, it bounces back. No one wants to sell at 6000 and that’s why it’s so significant. Let’s see if there are people who buy the resistance at 8200-8500 levels. If that happens, shorts willl be squeezed and at the same time new buyers would come on board. That would be a great sign for bitcoin and overall crypto market.


It is just a hunch, but I think when it was climbing last summer, then dipped back down to the $6000 level in mid-November, big money must have come in a purchase large amounts of Bitcoin. I say this because it has held $6000 so many times.
The longer the Bitcoin Price stays at $6000 or higher, the harder it will be to go below that price. Also the cost of producing 1 bitcoin is also putting a bottom to the price of Bitcoin.

in Mid November. Bitcoin proceed to climb to $8200/$8300 and held there for about a week before launching into historic prices of near $20,000 per Bitcoin.

That’s interesting point!
I think we are at the bottoming process right now. It may take longer or it could as well be very soon for bitcoin to start new bull market again. I see it as sideways movement. It’s great time to be acumulating, especially at $6k level. However, when we actually are at $6k level, most people feel it eventually breaks and they don’t buy. $6k level actually helped me to buy other ALTs such as EOS, LTC... So far it worked, but it doesn’t mean we won’t go any lower. Well... I hope for the best and am prepared for the worst.

Interesante información, amigo, @streetstyle, en avance con la tecnología. Mis saludos.

Hola amigo, ¡excellent news! Esperemos que siga subiendo de precio. Me gustaría contar con su apoyo en mi ultimo post. Saludos

There is some smile in the face of the people of Crypto related people :)

Well hope we get to see a steady run from now on .Not this bounce up ;)

Well the patience is losing somehow the panic is everywhere but you just can't tell when the bear fall would stop

One question would be if Mt Gox is still going to do sell offs when the price gets high enough, until that is all over there will be massive Bitcoin dumps.


right, and there might be an even bigger seller of Bitcoins later on down the road which I will talk about when the time gets closer and more info. comes about.

Bitcoin on trumpet, we never enjoyed.we expected a sustainable and stable price with up side😁.

Hopefully the bitcoin value will increase or remain. Thanks for your contribution. Success for you.

Hola amigo paso a saludarlo y a darle las gracias por visitar mis post saludos...

muy buena informacion,y pienso como cerrara el bitcoin a finales de año,espero una buena alza,y que bueno ese trampolin esta nuevo jaja saludos amigo @streetstyle,agradecida.publico mas tarde.

I have always thought that the world of cryptocurrencies is equal to a roller coaster, I hope that its price would be great

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing.......

Buenas Noche@streetstyle. Gracias por su excelente información, ojalá que cierre el año 2018 con un buen precio. Saludos desde Venezuela, le sugiero pasar por mi blog. Espero contar con su apoyo de usted. Muchas gracias hasta luego

I do not know much about bitcoin but I hope its price goes up a bit

When bitcoin stay one place.

Let us hope with great faith the increase of cryptocurrencies.

@streetstyle, Yes, In my opinion also Bitcoin is teasing at this moment and we know that it's still an Infant Market and super dynamic too.

And let's hope that it will rise once again like last year and by that i mean, everyone wants to see the Bull Run once again for sure.

In my opinion in future some companies are planning to adopt Bitcoin as Medium Of Exchange, so let's hope for the best.

And at this moment still we have to showcase patience because it's reflecting as everything is settling down.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Yes patience in crypto is super important.... rash moves can be costly sometimes @chireerocks
take care.


That's true and thank you so much. 🙂

Great news sir
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Apparently this is good news. Many trust Bitcoin. And I am one of them. Hopefully that price will rise before the end of the year. regards

Hopefully you have a good start of the month increasing its value, I think the time has come: /

The truth is that the Bitcoin has surprised me in the day outside, it was believed that it was around $ 8,000 but it does not come to that, hopefully soon it will be like that, regards

Hello @streetstyle friend, let's keep faith in God. everything will improve This end of years will be phenomenal.
well done

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Excellent post, many successes on this trampoline, friend, @streetstyle.

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How do we say "your words to God in your ears". We hope that this will happen.

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I also think the same that it will rise up to $7400/7500, then it may go a little downward and after that, it will shoot. But still, who knows!