Bitcoin Green Is The Coin We Should Support

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Bitcoin is a grand idea that I believe has a fatal flaw and that is POW.
So how do we solve that considering how important POW is to Bitcoin?


We do it by going to a coin that won't be controlled by 3rd parties anymore. Where hardware is not the thing getting in the way but instead just a footnote in the journey of the coin. Masternodes force anyone hoping to make money off the coin to have to go out and buy the coin. This is one of the great improvements in a way of supporting a project. No longer due mining operations with hardware most of us card afford able to step in and take over the coarse of a coin. No more forks cause one mining group is fighting with another. No one more slow transactions. BITG is already faster than bitcoin and that is at launch with 154 per second. Scaling is a problem of the past as a Masternode network can be updated much faster. EOS is aware of that even ETH is aware and why they have in the roadmap to change to POS. So why not start fresh?

Look at bitcoin in 2018. I thought it was suppose to make it to at least 50k or was that 250k or wait 1 million dollars. Yet it now sits around $6,450. The news has been good. Lighting network is moving along. Segwit made this faster. Not fast mine you but faster. So what happened? How many of you have spend time trying to explain Bitcoin to someone and just not got anywhere. Or when they ask a few questions they go wait way it takes hours to move funds. People who have money are use to it moving very fast. These are the people we need to get into bitcoin. I feel like to them it looks a bit like a joke. Yes the idea is grand a currency that no one can control. But when you dig deeper and look hard that just doesn't seem to be true. POW controls bitcion and it is holding it back. today at the prices you are looking at over a year of mining if you buy a new ASIC before you would turn a profit. That assumes also that you have somewhere to run the thing. It is loud hot and cost a lot also it looks bad. To a avg person they are not going to assume that box does anything. So the general public is pretty much axed out of being miners. So we end up with big mining operations that might let you buy in but you roll the dice on your hardware you lease even making a profit. Also this set up leads to very high transactions fees. What would a fee be at if bitcoin was worth 50k? Sure it is still just a little bitcoin but your talking about possibly hundreds of dollars. Who pay that much to move money?

This is why I am still holding bitcoin but I am looking for the next thing . I think anyone not taking a chance to buy a few bitcoin green are missing out cause this coin has a chance to be the next major coin. POS stakes that provided a stable speed along with stable fees. Bitcoin Green has extremely low fees, with an average transaction fee of less than $0.04 (assuming a price of $20,000 per BITG). This is significantly lower than Bitcoin’s current transaction fee. They are a gimmick masternode coin with crazy rewards either.


The map is laid out and already the rewards are set to be slow. Masternodes will make money but not enough coins to go out and crash the price of the coins. There is a governance to this coin. Something missing from bitcoin. With masternode holders getting to vote on direction of funds to improve the coin.


The team is taking 7% not that high for a team cut. With 5% Development fund with masternode holder input on what to work on next. They have a active discord where you can partake is this votes. There is a 5% for awareness to try and get the idea of crytpo and BITG to the public. There will be official spokesman that will be able to send a message of a stable safe coin. There is also a 4% community fund that in the spirit of a green project and a crypto meant to help the work Masternode holders will be able to try to support causes that are agreed on. This coin will have the power to change the world.

There is one other major problem this fixes. That is the amount of power that mining BTC is using. Currently, the Bitcoin network uses more energy than 159 countries. There are only 195 countries on earth. That means 82% of the world’s countries use less energy than Bitcoin. This can't continue and people know it. BTC is trying to fix it but with on one person or group calling the shots how do you fix it? You don't you get Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin Dark, ect. It start to look like a joke. Here is hoping that Bitcoin Green can replace them all.

As a note I do own some BITG right now about 40 coins. So I am not a whale. I came in late and was bummed cause I really think this is going to big.

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