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RE: Bitcoin Cash - Cannibal Honey Badger Of Money (Passing Ethereum and Added To Coinbase?)

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Crypto has gone full retard with guys like Craig Grant and the idiots over at Bitcoin Core.

It's good to see good ol' fashion customer service kick "Bitcoin" to the curb like a bad dog.


minus the craig part lol i kinda like him

Steve! You are back!
You will love this video that was made about the situation. Make sure the subtitles are on. It is freaking hilarious. I have been talking mad smack on Twitter about the 1mb blocks. Hahhahah

I'm back to talk smack... if this doesn't demonstrate what Bitcoin Cash will do to Bitcoin, I don't know what will.

Nice! I'm going to step up my smack talking game on Twitter. It is hilarious because even Jeffrey Tucker posted saying that he tried to send $20 of Bitcoin and was charged a $7 fee and was saying if that doesn't show that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin nothing will! LOL

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