Bitcoin Cash - Cannibal Honey Badger Of Money (Passing Ethereum and Added To Coinbase?)

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Two days ago I started to see the surge in Bitcoin Cash and realized I needed to convert most of my Bitcoin to it.   Then last night I was trading and I put in a limit order to kicked me out of Bitcoin Cash at a certain price.  Finally I said screw it and took the order off and went to bed.   Boy was I glad I let it run.   The more I look at it the more I think it will pass Ethereum's market cap today and head for Bitcoin.   I seriously think it could pass it up but it will take the major exchanges to implement it with a US Dollar hash.   That way people can buy into it directly.   The Bitcoin rocket might be out of fuel for now but Bitcoin Cash is in a full blown burn!   The trading volumes are insane!   I think it could go to $3,000 this surge and end up at a 50 Billion Market Cap.  Time will tell but it is all happening fast!   

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Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Crypto has gone full retard with guys like Craig Grant and the idiots over at Bitcoin Core.

It's good to see good ol' fashion customer service kick "Bitcoin" to the curb like a bad dog.

minus the craig part lol i kinda like him

Steve! You are back!
You will love this video that was made about the situation. Make sure the subtitles are on. It is freaking hilarious. I have been talking mad smack on Twitter about the 1mb blocks. Hahhahah

I'm back to talk smack... if this doesn't demonstrate what Bitcoin Cash will do to Bitcoin, I don't know what will.

Nice! I'm going to step up my smack talking game on Twitter. It is hilarious because even Jeffrey Tucker posted saying that he tried to send $20 of Bitcoin and was charged a $7 fee and was saying if that doesn't show that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin nothing will! LOL

it's crazy!!! :D Should I sell everything else and go all in? :D

You have to decide for yourself but I basically did. I have some BTC left but I sold my LTC, STEEM, SBD, and most of my BTC. Still have some EOS and Monero. But Yeah it is a tough call. I just have a feeling it will go to 50 Billion. I might bring some more FIAT to the table to get more of this. Exciting stuff for sure!

Glad i held my BCH since the fork. 1900$ atm.

Nice! I sold mine and then bought back in 2 days ago and bought more BCH yesterday! Twitter and Instagram are blowing up with BCH related stuff. It is hilarious!

bitcoin cash's potential growth is evident now

Yeah, if someone didn't take it serious before now they are taking it serious!

now fomo is there about bch in market

oping for it to happen dear... cheers

They may be no stopping it!

I just sold all my STEEM and bought BCC and the price just skyrockets :O

Yayyyy!!!!! I think I'm going to do some Coinbase Insta Buys and secure my retirement planned for next week! LOL

I'm dealing with small funds myself. Hope it keeps rising.