BITCOIN: Is Bitcoin Guaranteed to hit $1 Million by 2020? I'm not sure whether it will be by 2020, but for sure it will surpass $1 Million within the next decade, possibly as early as 2021..!!

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+$1 Million BITCOIN

Credit: youtube/Shaun Moo

$1 Million BITCOIN by 2020?

Is Bitcoin Guaranteed to hit $1 Million by 2020?

This is a great short video and credit to Shaun Moo for the content.

I am not sure whether it will be by 2020, but for sure BITCOIN will surpass $1 Million within the next decade, possibly as early as 2021..!!

This is a great short video and is only 5:19 mins long.

There are so many people crammed into this video here is a mere sample of who is in it.....

Richard Branson
Bill Gates
Max Keiser
Tim Draper
Steve Forbes
Brian Singer
Roger Ver

A great short video and well worth watching.

BITCOIN BREAKS THROUGH CEILING! - The Rise of Decentralized Cryptocurrency with Stephen Kendal

Credit: youtube/ World Alternative Media

Thanks to Josh, here is an interview I did with Josh from World Alternative Media on Jun 13, 2017.

"Minimum Target Price of +$1Million for BITCOIN"..!!

Thanks again for reading and watching.



It definitely is gold 2.0. Bitcoin is definitely the future and this decentralised distributed network is what all of us crave rather than a 3rd party moderating and regulating over us.

I think that bitcoin will definitely pass $1,000,000. Maybe not as quickly as John McAfee wants it but definitely in a couple of years it will get to the 6 figure mark and then maybe in a decades time we will see this fantasy of $1,000,000 becoming a reality.

Thanks for sharing this great video Stephen! :)

People really have to understand the technology that sits behind BITCOIN and measure it against the +35 years of distorted and manipulated garbage of thousands of dollars of toxic and worthless "Horse Dung Financial Derivatives" that has propped up a made up and fairy tale Market since the early 1980's. When the penny drops, and it will, that the Financial System is nothing more than a fraudulent cesspit of manipulation, BITCOIN will be well on it's way to +$1m..!! Stephen

Based on the US national debt alone Bitcoin would be $1,000,000. Not including money supplies, bonds, debts, stock markets, real estate and derivatives worldwide. Just the US national debt alone. BTW, just curious, why did you flag Roger Ver?

That is a very uplifting video for those already invested in Bitcoin. Do you personally believe that it will be Bitcoin that is going to be the coin of the future Stephen?

What about the current Bitcoin / Cash war and the potential future forks?


Best time to remain Bullish! Holding on to 1 Bitcoin

Hahaha, I will hodl mine 0.1 😂

It may someday, but not within the next three years. I think it will continue growing rapidly, with periods of 'the sky is falling, OMG the end of Bitcoin' moments, over the next few years.

That is, unless its overtaken by some other coin or combination of coins. As is, it seems to only really be useful as digital gold that you just hold until you're ready to cash it all out.

Sweet thats my retirement sorted...easy sailing from here.....

Bitcoin is retirement investment, fuck mutual funds 😂

What a brilliant video thank you for sharing .

Every people worry . but the true story bitcoin price growing up unexpected .

Don’t worry about future price.

Just buy now and smile.

2016 price just beginning price of bitcoin

End 2017 price can up to USD 3,000

End 2018 price can up to USD 30,000

End 2020 price can up to USD 3 million !!!!!!

That would be amazing if bitcoin reached $1million,even if it doesn't reach that amount it will certainly be a lot more valuable in a few years time.Thanks for sharing.

I hope this is true! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for bitcoin :) And also, it's interesting to see how bitcoin cash will perform as well.

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