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Freebitcoin offers now a 4.08% annual interest rate for your bitcoins. This site exists since 2013 and has been a reliable bitcoin collecting site for myself since the last 6 months.

Once a threshold of 30 000 Bitcoins is reached a 4.08% interest rate is paid.
This was the case for me last Saturday.

After one day I had


And today a week later I have:


From 4 Satoshis a day interest rate I went up to 5 a day in just 5 days. And from a yearly interest of 1510 I went up already to 2231 Satoshis or 0.00002231 BTC a year in just one week. What do you think I will have in a month?

And Freebitcoin (referral) is giving you much more.
It is a lottery for free where you always win. You do not need to purchase any tickets. Each hour you can win up to 0.212 BTC equal to around 1045 Steem or every Sunday up to 2.8 BTC which is equal to around 13 804 Steem.

How to setup an account


You need your Bitcoin Wallet Address and additionally an email address to sign up.


Once you sign up you need to decide on a password for your new dedicated Wallet on Freebitcoin. There is no charge for the Wallet. Potentially you can also use this one to have Bitcoin send to and stored.

(Referral) Freebitcoin

Similar Lotteries but not Bitcoin (Referral). You need a Dodge Coin and Pot Coin Address

Free Dodge

Free Pot Coin

Final Remark

I was told if you have different devices such as a smart phone and laptop and use different ways to access the internet (GSM (G3, G4) and Wifi) you can use the same faucets and lotteries twice.
All what you need then are two different bitcoin wallet addresses.

I am on steemit because I have a mission
@steempowerwhale 🐳
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I do not know if it is useful nowadays, but I will try it, thanks)

Gonna try this one!

I want to ask a question.if we withdraw 30,000 the still we would get the interest and one thing more important to mention is that this btc address also work as wallet for you can transfer your satoshi from here to any where.

Very good blog related btc .

Hey, cool to see you posting again, steempowerwhale! I LOVE the new interest feature on FreeBitcoin. I hope you get lots of referrals from this post :)


Thank you wiser :-). Referrals would support my mission.....


Something else that's cool you could do is direct MoonBitcoin earnings to your FreeBitcoin deposit address. Then you get two faucets working for you :)


That's brilliant! Thank you for the idea I'm definitely giving it a try.

Excellent post. I've been thinking of taking advantage of the interest that can be gained on freebitcoin and you've settled it for me. I'm doing it.
Thanks and praise. V