Massive Byteball GIVEAWAY on 9.July ► 52$ per Bitcoin you own

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

The biggest giveaway in Bitcoin history will take place in just 9 days. Byteball currently ranked #28 on cmc has a simple marketing strategy► They reward Bitcoin holders to make their crypto known to the world.

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On 9th of July every bitcoin holder gets rewarded 62 500 000 bytes, thats 52$ per single bitcoin with the price of today. With 20 Bitcoin that would be a grand or in other words its 2% of your total btc-stack! Its massive and there is no rub in it. You have to claim youre byteball and sign to proof its your btc address.

How to do get your free Byteball (worth 52$ per Bitcoin)►►
This dude explains it really well.

Its not the first time a crypto does this.
Stellar lumen did it just 2days ago► ).

It is true, i thought alright, sell as fast as you can, there will be a massive decline in lumen or byteball price, but to my surprise the market cap even went up.

If you made some money through this blogpost show some love @steemboys.

Cheers guys and have an awesome day!


Thanks for sharing. Participating since the beginning and made great profits!

I like those full-moon parties as well ;)

They are the best!

Byteball is awesome! This will be the next coin to reach $1000 USD after stability stabilisation value has set in!

Im not so sure about byteball future, but that giveaway is definitely outstanding!

I know very little on Byteball but there is a reason its got a value of over 800 per Byteball! But free coins are always a good sign to get active publicity.

Yes indeed , i think its a good marketing strategy they have. If you hold Byteball you get 20% more Byteball, so holders get rewarded big time

It is one of most stable ones during the declining market lately!

Will review Byteball and thank you for the heads up on this giveaway.

Just take the free byteballs and sell them, no need to hold byteball. To be honest im not a fan of byteball :)

And why is that?

Because im not a fan of alco's in general. There are some with innovative ideas. But btc and ethereum have great developers to adopt and implement good ideas from other cryptos and thats what they do. Ultimately 99% of all alcos have to fail. How i see it is, that most of the altcoin investments are pure speculation. Everybody wants to increase their bitcoin or ethereum stack. Or do you really believe byteball will be the next big thing and not btc or eth?Good developmentteam and community are the most important elements imo.

Byteball has no blockchain and therefore not the scaling issues other coins have. If the scaling issue is not solved soon for BTC I think altcoins without scaling issues will take over... So lets hope Segwit gets activated and will solve the issues...

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