Stellar Lumen Giveaway (16 Billion) ► for all Bitcoin or Ripple Holders !How to

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For every Bitcoin you own you will get 975 Stellar Lumen, this is worth about 27$ for 1 Bitcoin!! Stellar ist giving away 16 Billion Lumen to Bitcoin Holders. So if you hold Bitcoin, now is the time to claim your free Stellar Lumen. Yesterday they took a screenshot of the Bitcoin Blockchoin to record the coin balances of all Bitcoin Accounts.
16 billion Lumen.png

Here is the snapshot of the Blockchain►

Here is how you claim your free Stellar Lumen ►
For Bitcoin Holders►
For Ripple Holders ► (if you held XRP before 22.5.2014)

If you made some stellar lumen through this blogpost, im not mad if you show some love for the steemboys account!

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Steemboys Selfmade promotional steemit Video ►


Thanks for the post

Youre welcome

Woow is it real !! Let me Try !

Yes it is. Enjoy :)

Well only Ripple if you had Ripple on the 22nd of May 2014. Might want to include that in your post. It also says you will get 974.957961 so around $27 a bitcoin worth of Stellar Lumen.

Updated it. Thanks for the correction