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RE: Crypto Exchanges Disrupted by ProBit's Low Fees (+ Free STEEM)

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Give a small review on ProBit; suggestions on what you'd like the exchange to do are particularly welcome. Note that this is auto paid after 7 days.

For 1 or 2 STEEM: [30 people max] [DONE - 30 reached]

You must sign-up to ProBit and then must refer another account. Referring 1 account will earn you 1 STEEM; referring 2 accounts will earn you 2 STEEM; referring 5 accounts will earn you 2.5 STEEM.

Take a screenshot of your referral code and your referral counter and post it here—one screenshot should show both of them! So zoom out if you need to.

For 3 STEEM + $4 USDT:

Sign up and deposit $50 into the account on the pre-sale page. You get $4 in Tether from the exchange.

Even if you don't buy any tokens, you can just withdraw your funds. That's an instant 8% gain, which is pretty hard to get in this bear market. I recommend you use XRP as $50 is a low-value transfer and XRP fees are low.

You'll get an additional 3 STEEM from me, MAX 10 people. Post a screenshot of both your deposited amount and referral code.

I will utilize @tipu's tip service to keep the process transparent and the payments instant. Just head over to ProBit and create an account.

Probit Review: Probit provide same features like other exchange platforms offer, the only difference that it is more fast and they have trading fees discounts. My Suggestions is that they must increase the PROB token holding of Standard package to 1000-10000 tokens. to give more time for a new user to earn so that he/she can invest to a higher package.

I think the bot only tracks replies to the main article. You'll have to comment to the article, not this comment.

que genial!!!


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