I made this painting for Matthew Roszak

in bitcoin •  3 years ago  (edited)

" Matthew Roszak is a founder of Chicago Bitcoin Centar,co founder of BLOQ and Tally Capital"



I made this abstract painting for him

Title : Bitcoin blocksize error


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Looking good!

Thanks man!

Hope I help!

Nice artwork! with your skill, you easly can make and sell Rare Pepe Cards!! If you haven't seen yet, rare pepe cards just arrived on steemit! I made a post on steemit into the rare Pepe phenomenon, and the game which is still in developement! If anyone love it, you may up vote ! Be present on all front.https://steemit.com/art/@elma-landro/rare-pepe-community-we-need-you-you-need-kek-so

You got yourself a niche there I believe... too bad I do not have a headquarters like that to order one.