RBI Ban Initiated, Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges Bank Accounts Closed Deposit/withdrawal Closed.

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As Most Of You Know What Happened On April 6 India ~ RBI banning all financial institutions under its control from providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges, starting on July 5.

Its 5th July Today And According to Last Report by RBI about banning cryptocurrency transactions does not changed, Indian Banks Started Closing Bank Accounts of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of India From Today Onwards and Due to which Almost Every Cryptocurrency Exchanges Got Affected And Struggling With Major Problem Of Deposit and Withdrawal Of Fiat Currency That is Indian Rupee.

In This Article I will Tell You What Major Two Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of India Told About Lossing Fiat Support.

1. Zebpay

India Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges As well As Wallet Told to Media That:-
Today we are disabling the rupee deposit and withdrawal options on the Zebpay app. This is being done in light of the bank account closures as per the RBI guideline…INR deposits and withdrawals have been paused in the Zebpay app until banks allow us again


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The Second Major Cryptocurrency Exchange of India wrote that :-
Banking services are expected to be revoked this week…if you are withdrawing or depositing any rupees in Unocoin, there could be a time when we may not honour such requests.

Last But Not the list what you think Exchanges will do to Overcome this Drastic situation ? Please Comment Your Views in Comment Section.


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I looked at this article closely and found that most of the lines are direct quotes from other arcticles, now this is not a bad thing in itself, but you MUST mention the source article if you do.

Hey bro most of lines is not copied i wrote there that i found it on Announcement from exchanges which was generated for all user and for me also and it is allowed to share it on my behalf still i written that. @madevi i wish you will understand

Well, there is an admission if I ever saw one: "most of lines is not copied"... I am not sure if you are aware of the way things work on Steemit. Since you copied ANY lines from another article, you MUST attribute the source. This is standard practice. Read up on this topic here and here and here
I know it sounds like a hassle, but you will thank me for it later...

Even coping from public Announcement like official website or official twitter Post is not [email protected] madevi
Your username is awesome sounds great.

Well, it is implied isn't it? Copying is just that, something completely different than writing original content. You can use quotes, or even translate a whole piece, as long as you attribute the original content. Now, only copying something will not make you a Steemit Star. I hope you read all the links i supplied in my previous reply... Thanks!

Thanks for your valuable comment love you bro. @madevi

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Oh, jolly joy.
Crypto in India will now be exchanged for fiat in coffee shops and park benches. Totally under the radar, totally unauditable. Just like crypto was meant to be.
Another pathetic government just shot itself in the foot because the don't understand.
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