Tom Draper’s Claims about Bitcoin in Debate with Skeptics: Bitcoin Is Bigger than the Industrial Revolution!

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On the 23rd of April CNBC at the time of the Intelligence Squared, US Debate in New York has reported that Tim Draper has claimed Bitcoin (BTC) is ‘bigger than the internet and several other human achievements made throughout history.

Draper conducted the debate alongside Patrick Byrne, the CEO of overstock against two crypto cynics. He drew parallels between his previous investments in Tesla, Hotmail, and Skype with that Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology in general. Furthermore, he added that the technology behind it is far beyond some of the most important technological advancements in human history, going so far as to state. Moreover, he reinforced some of his previous prediction about the future of crypto in the next five years.

CNBC has also reported that Draper held around 30,000 bitcoins purchased at a US Marshals Service auction back in 2014, which can be valued to be over $270 million in the present day. He further established Bitcoin’s present market dominance over other cryptocurrencies as it claims 38 percent of the market share, slightly down from its monthly high of around 44 percent.

Finally, in recent interviews, Draper has continually claimed that bitcoin is the leader in cryptocurrency and can be valued at $250k per coin within the next 4 years.


Tim Draper?

Draper is ahead of the times! I can't wait to see what happens!!

CNBC has also reported that Draper held around 30,000 bitcoins purchased at a US Marshals Service auction back in 2014

Damn. I wonder what he got those for given that they came from an auction after BTC's first big burst.

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It's i am not sure to compare Bitcoin to industrial revolution. Bitcoin still working or trying to be accepted. People with vision may can understand that. But, still Bitcoin have to prove lot of ways.

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