Don't want to be rude or an arrogant fellow like Roger but you should try to understand what Segwit is?
First of all in Bitcoin's case Blockchain is a data structure which holds transactions. So every block that gets mined can hold transactions ( and its related data). This block size is capped to 1MB for the original BTC blockchain. What Segwit does without hard forking the chain is; it separates out some data (like signatures) into another location to increase the transactional storage capability of the existing capped 1MB blocks. So now more transactions can be stored and it also enhances the Blockchain with new capabilities which is whole another topic. This is supported by brilliant minds who have looked after the Blockchain since its initial phase only focusing on technology and not just mining.
Tip for you: everyone have different opinions but follow guys with broader views and brilliant minds which is favoring BTC. So do your research and then think if you want to keep your BTC or grab BCH. I wish you good luck my friend and hope you succeed completely in this crypto space. Cheers mate!!!

A cartel of miners wasn't Satoshi's vision either. SegWit toke 95% concession to lock in. Increasing block size is only a temporary solution. An acceptable hard fork now would be one that should address the block header