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Hi all,

I just wanted to let everyone know of a sweet music service I found recently.

This one actually PAYS YOU FOR LISTENING!

I'm sure some of you already use it; but for the people who have never heard of it.. you need to check this out!

Bitrad.io is the name, and it just recently left Beta phase.

There are over 50,000+ Online Radio Stations which you can listen to, each of them allow you to gain BitRadio Coins (BRO) by just listening! The "BRO" Coins are also now tradeable on the Cryptopia exchange! They were just added within the past few days!

Now you can easily turn the BRO coins into Bitcoins and vice versa.

Check my screenshot and you can see that Bitradio Coins have been going up a lot lately, with over 100% increase in just the last week. They are currently sitting at ~$0.23-25 each. The market cap has also TRIPLED!


You can easily earn 1-2+ BRO per day just by listening, no problem. When the price goes up, that's a lot. They also have a referral system in which you earn 5% of the BRO of the people that you refer, and 2% of who they prefer, 1% after that.

The wallet is very sleek and efficient. I like it a lot. It updated very fast.

After a few hours of listening, you simply just need to complete a captcha to continue listening! Easy!

Things to Remember:
  • Only (1) Income Stream allowed per IP Address
  • You need to Download the BRO wallet and paste your receiving address into your profile on the website to get paid
  • You may exchange BRO for BTC or DOGE on Cryptopia

Sign up >> HERE <<

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Great job, just re-steemed....lurehound is always looking for lures....

Hey, thanks for sharing. Didn't know about this. Will definitely have a look and join. Upvoted and followed. Feel free to follow back. Cheers. Great post.

Followed! Thanks for the suppport <3 Glad to help!

The link and the Bitradio.io address don't work

Ahhh my bad, i typed in bitradio.io not bitrad.io therefor I am a moron.

please use the referal link and don´t type anything by yourself :)

Which links don't work? They seem fine to me.

Tanks for sharing this information!

Nice tip, will check it out!

Thanks, links working ok for you? Sometimes the Bitradio website had problems and you just need to refresh the page.

At first the links failed, but then i tried again and they worked.

have you gotten a referal? i found out by bitradio yesterday, and i think it´s super neat, yeah!

I got one referral from this post!

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