KoreCoin - The new anonymous/decentralized VoIP

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It has been a while since we saw a real coin that has value and purpose, everything is getting decentralized in Crypto/blockchain world era, many have crazy ideas, few with promising development team and fewer will deliver.

Let me explain in simple words why this project might be one of the lead Cryptos which probably will come on TOP very soon, we live in a connected world, in the last few years with telecom boom, easier and cheaper internet access, more and more devices are connected to the internet which lead to the rise of IoT "Internet of Things" along with its security; telecommunications became one of the leading technological industries with alot of innovations and solutions; Thus advancement made our live easier in many ways, unfortunately, for us; we still pay for way too much for it, Do you think we can make phone calls and pay a fraction of what we do now, well, Here is the news, VoIP protocol already provided this functionality, due to cooperate greed and manipulation we don't feel its getting cheaper in fact its getting higher in different places around the world, KoreCoin solve that with its decentralization, Its a matter of time before this become known to the public!!! Again, This is not a fancy weird idea, its happening and just need support from the community.

To be more precise, Telecommunication companies have 2 main revenue/cash flow streams which are data and voice, Data includes mobile phone data packages, cloud computing, IoT services, domain registration, Internet Ads and of course recording your browsing history and analyzing your online behavior to sell you shit you don't need, they make money and you Pay them for it!!!
Many Crypto/protocol are on the right track to get us out of this none sense, Here is where KoreCoin become unique, its the first real coin to provide a decentralized Voice, yes, in the future you can make & receive calls almost for free!!!

Korecoin is the one Coin/protocol that hopefully with break in this amazing HUGE industry and distribute the wealth, Could you imagine a decentralized carrier/mobile operator, perhaps in just a few years we will have 1 or few decentralized world telecom carriers around the world and there is a very good chance KoreCoin become the lead, remember KoreCoin the the first Coin for decentralized Voice service on the internet!!! It may be the Bitcoin of decentralized Voice communication...

** This is not an investment advice, just a thought, Do you own research before investing in any coin!

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Never heard of it, will look into it thanks. Its rising pretty fast tho, should I wait for a dip?

You may wait for a dip if it happens, but I see it at 10usd in short time.

weekends goes crazy if there is no blood, lets wait and see, i can see it around 6 or 7 USD, definitely long term HODL, this is just personal preference tho #DYOR

I would stay away from kore

KORE coin is not a good idea to invest in. It's a PND with no activity on their github.

for reference, no activity since 2015.

Kore has been very active behind the scene. Development is happening it's just not public yet. Watch them over the next few weeks and I think they will surprise you with what they have in store. Check out the discord channel and bitcointalk thread

I have. It's a pump n dump.
They've done this before.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

And that's where I got the inactive github link from. If they're really doing development why would they be promoting the link to a dead github?
Because they're not doing development and think no one will check the activity on the github. The github has 6 posts ever, activity over 5 days in the beginning of May 2015. This was never a legitimate project.

Sounds like great technology, thanks for this! I will add it to my list and do a technical analysis chart soon if you are interested

This is very helpful! VOIP has been in a stranglehold for a while, there was bitphone, yet even that was shutdown. Thank you for the high quality post!

Well, we live in a very challenging world, but we have to try to make it better

Thx for the info ! Followed

For those of you that want to get some free Kore, a d support the project, join the Twitter Campaign! https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@promoplugs/kore-twitter-campaign-promoplugs-00015-btc-6-28-17-7-05-17

It has been proven that this coin has been manipulated by a large group of people trying to PnD

the development team has not been active at all, and it has actually worked with this people to fake hype their coin in order to people to invest in it.

here is some pictures showing how they work behind the scenes





it's sad that people will believe fake hype and invest in something of no value.

Karosuuu Carlos OQ tweeted @ 28 Jun 2017 - 08:53 UTC

Do not trust every crypto news you read.. $kore is a bad buy and it's a pump and dump.. people posting fake hype! https://t.co/9ZIytOuOsv

Karosuuu Carlos OQ tweeted @ 28 Jun 2017 - 09:15 UTC

The reason I'm warning everyone to not buy $kore
#badforcrypto $eth $btc $gnt #altcoins #crypto it's not good for c… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I dont say this often...
Mark my words.
The intrinsic and Real Value of KORE will be realized.
You are finding yourself on the wrong end of this situation and will regret your assumptions.