Bitcoin: Are the Bulls Back?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

The bulls are almost back and we're almost in the clear.
I'd seriously consider buying if I hadn't already.

A few posts earlier, I mentioned selling my assets before the crash began. Then I wrote about getting back in at what seemed like the lows. However, as soon as those lows no longer looked that way and prices crossed my predefined lines, I left the market and waited for a confirmation of a bottoming.
For the sake of those reading, I chose not to recommend getting back in until a confirmation based on price action had been established. Personally, I have been back in since very close to the bottom (BTC $5897/ ETH $624). Here I simply present the very same charts I have been using.

We've closed significantly higher than the longer term moving average (red line in the charts) for the overall market cap proxy I use and facing resistance at the shorter term moving average (green line). As for bitcoin, we've just finally closed above the longer term average and the same support/resistance line I've been using in all previous posts, including the one where I declared it a crash. And as usual, ETH and NEO have held up nicely.

feb 14 market bull.png

feb 14 bitcoin bull.png

feb 14 eth bull.png

feb 14 neo bull.png

Again, do not take this as investment advise. You are blessed with a mind. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

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Bulls are out on ever crypto today I love it! We should see a steady rise now over the next few months the market seems to go through these transitions every year.

Ya I think the bulls are back!