BUY BUY BUY. Correction is Done

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Correction is over. I bought back into the market. I present the same charts from my previous post asking The Beginning of the Correction?

Again, ETH and NEO are interesting because they simply fell to support areas, not to the longer term moving average. I didn't have support and resistance areas drawn for NEO is the other post, but they're there now. The proxy I use for overall market cap also seems to have only fallen to support area.

Inkedjan 17 marketcap_LI.jpg

Inkedjan 17 btc_LI.jpg

Inkedjan 17 eth_LI.jpg

Inkedjan 17 neo_LI.jpg

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By the way, nice prediction. I wonder if it is ATL for BTC ($9200) or even STEEM ($2.77) for year 2018, off course nobody can tell. My gut feeling is that we have touched ATL for STEEM and sense that a strong long-term bull run for STEEM. What do you think?