'Legendary' Trader Predicts: Will Bitcoin Hit $15,000 At The End Of The Year?!

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Bitcoin has experienced an incredible rise throughout 2017 - starting at around $800 at the beginning of the year, we have broken past countless all-time highs and saw Bitcoin trade at prices of over $4300.
The rise in value has surpassed all expectations, and the demand and media attention for bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) has risen so much that it seems almost impossible to imagine how the price could develop in a few months -
A few experienced Bitcoin traders and speculators are doing it nonetheless.

The renowed trader "masterluc" speculates Bitcoin will reach $15.000 until the end of the year!

Who is this trader and why should his prediction be accurate?

Whenever you see such wild statements about price predictions, the first thing you want to know is: why would this person'S opinion be reasonable?
Masterluc is a veteran trader who is almost like a legend in the Bitcoin community.

First of all, he successfully predicted the top of the Bitcoin Bubble of November 2013:

“Third day in a row I wake up, see charts and ask myself "Is this the end?" and third day in a row answer is "Yes.” End of first historical bullish trend 2010-2013.”

-Predicted on December 6, 2013 at a price of $1100

He was also right about the the end of the november 2013 bubble - he had predicted it 6 months earlier:

On may 30 2013, when Bitcoin was on $132, he posted the following picture on Bitcointalk, stating that Bitcoin would enter a Bubble and that it would burst somewhere closely above $1,000.


Additionally, masterluc also predicted that the market would be on a low for several years after this bubble had burst, and would only return to a new bullish trend in 2016-2017.

“Ah, of course thanks Satoshi and community, but I am still here =) Next entering point for me is in 2016-2017 year.”

-Predicted on December 4 2013, at an all-time high of $1240

In may 2015, masterluc reconfirmed that Bitcoin would start another bullish trend in 2 years.

He only missed that prediction by 2 months - we now know that Bitcoins meteoric surge began in march 2017 at a aprice of $880.

Masterluc's newest predictions

Now, he is predicting that Bitcoin will reach $15,000 until the end of the year.

When $3500 level breaks up on weekly basis - I see no resistances till ~$15000 level mark.

He also stated that the current bull run will last until 2019 (so definitely not a bubble!) and that the Bitcoin price could reach anywhere between $40,000 - $110,000 within that timeframe.

He made this prediction while taking the movements of the 2013 bubble into account, and posted this picture and explanation:


I definately see correlation in wave structure between 2013th bubble and a current.
You can see some historical trends here. The lowest defines "Normal growth" and price is currently inside it. The upper ones defines "mid and super grow". Once price enters them it will start dramatical growth due deflational Bitcoin nature.

Corelations I see between 2013 and current bubbles marked by circles. So taking into account that correlations I announce dramatical price rise from approximately $40,000 USD in quick and pessimistic version to more than $100,000 USD and prolonged optimistic version.
Deadline for this action is till 2019.

$7500 until the end of the year - prediction by Ronny Moas

Renowed stock researcher and trader Ronny Moas has predicted that Bitcoin will rise until $7500 within 2017.
Moas is the #9 stock picker from 4558 analysts and has even made a business out of his very accurate predictions.
A few months ago, he actually predicted that Bitcoin would hit $5000 towards the end of the year - and since we're nearly at that goal already, he corrected his prediction now.


What do YOU predict ?

I personally can't go as far as predicting the Bitcoin price - the recent price surge has surprised all of us time and time again, so I think it's almost impossible to imagine where the value will be at in a few months - let alone several years.
I believe that $7500 until the end of the year might be possible, but even though $15000 sounds very over the top, we might even reach that - who knows!
The market has been so unpredictable this year, remember that we started off at around $800 and passed countless all-time highs until even reaching values of over $4300.

What is your prediction for the Bitcoin price until the end of the year?

I'd be very interested to know and to discuss, please leave your suggestion in the comments below!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Whoa I never heard of masterluc before. May the force be with him.

These predictions sound wild but I guess they might have some good reasoning. We have entered a point where BitCoin evolves so dramatically that the mainstream is picking up on it and that means that hordes of new users flood the market with their money.

My questions are:

  1. Does it make sense to buy BitCoin now? Because normally I would say no but if things continue like this I would want to get in on BitCoin to not miss out.

  2. Will the Steem price in comparison to BitCoin continue to fall into a bottomless pit? Most coins have profited a lot from BitCoin rising. Not so Steem due to many problems on many ends, most and for all the exchange problems and the recent Shapeshift unsupport.

Any thoughts?

Steem will regain steam soon. Just wait until a certain few whales finish powering down and selling out. Steemit keeps getting more and more popular and doubling it's number of users every year (and even faster now). Within a couple of months Steem will start the climb to the top again.

Yes, I do believe you are right. But it feels like crunching time right now. And these certain whales luckily don't have unlimited amounts of Steem.

lol I am glad you caught that reference

I like the whales selling out as it dilutes out their influence gradually and decentralizes the distribution of SP. That said who knows what the distribution of SP looks like.?

2017 has been good to Bitcoin and I hear 2018 will be ten yimes better.

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I have a buy up to price of $3500 which means i have to wait. But that doesnt mean that i cant invest in cryptos, just not adding to bitcoin right now. There are others that are rising fast that are better value and yet still in the $1B club.

2019 will reach 40k to 110k....the big question is how much will lambos cost in 2019?

Not sure where this will land, hard to predict anything in this mystery crypto space. I am happy as long as it will be over $2.000 – however Steem Price is even more important to me.

Fingers crossed and now EVERYONE buy the steem, bu buy buy lol – Steem to Moon – we want 100$ per Steem, that is the real question, isn’t it?

What we never hear in these types of posts is how many predictions he made but got wrong.

good point. would love to see some of those as well

yeah, me2

I would like to know how many prior predictions of these so-called "pros" didn't take place. Does anyone know if any of these master traders have verifiable, audited trading records?

I think it will be under one thousand = 1000 USD. It has gone up and down, not long time it was under 2000. December is a month when less people use it and hackers busy with holidays so I think it will get down.

I agree! With this prediction.

My personal prediction is $6000 at the end of the year.

I believe $15,000 at the end of this year is realistic, more money coming into the market at a speed of light and demand is on the rise and will continue till the year ends. I don't need to believe all these magical predictions i only need to position myself for the best outcome.

Bitcoin is unstoppable and i hope steem pick up too because that's the most important thing for me

$7500 seems like a high target I'd give; never heard of Randy Moss though

but its incredible where we've come. depending on how things turn out; could be sideways and correcting rest of the year; I think we would be if it were not for the incredible developmental achievements with segwit and potential higher blocks; and the option for bitcoin cash I think strengthens the community even tho it will take market share from bitcoin original

$15000 isn't it too much!?

hope it will.

I wish I had more money to invest into Bitcoin.

good - resteem

If that happens, steem can easily be over $10... rather invest in steem 😬😎🙌🏼

It amazes me how many people are still just uninterested and think crypto is just a pipe dream. Those who have their eyes and ears open to this will be the ones reaping the benefits. It would be amazing if these numbers predicted would come true. Heck, even the small amount I have would be worth something lol.

rise rise bitcoin One of the most profitable cryptocurrency in the world

"Bitcoin will reach $15.000 until the end of the year!" Nope

I think 2017 and part of 2018 will be a nice years for Bitcoin. I don´t want to say any value cause it is so crazyness raisings.

After that, we will see how the governments try to regulate it. That´s will be nice to speculate.


Quick, where the hell do I get 3500 dollars?

Awesome article, pure value. Thank you!

Hello my dear friend ❤️
I am following your account every day { 🙏🤝 }

My prediction? Wild rides are almost certain.

The uncertainty in the global economy, plus political craziness, might mean that we see a stock market "event" by the end of the year. If that happens, a flight to both gold and Bitcoin will follow.

I'm hedging bets here.

Well, I frankly have no idea. BTC is quite all over the place with a rapid rise trend. Some say 500,000 in 3 years, that's a bit too far out there in my eyes, but I'm definitely no expert, so, maybe? That crazy interesting, but scary at the same time

OMG, I hope to see that day. Maybe I have to buy a little :))

Hello SirWinchester, great info, hope Bitcoin goes parabolic! My crypto investing strategy so far has yielded great results! Take a look, let me know what you think? https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@cryptoeagle/what-percentage-should-you-invest-in-each-cryptocurrency-to-become-a-millionaire-a-guaranteed-winning-strategy-updated-8-16-2017

For me I predict it will be in the range of 10000-12000 before 2018.

holy moly! dream big I guess

I don't understand, is he saying that Bitcoin will be 40 - 100k$ AFTER bull run has burst (after price has settled) or at highest point of this bull run? What does he mean exactly? Can anyone who has been following this guy clear this up?

No question, bullish on Bitcoin for the time being till the end of this year.
But the thing is when whales start to dump, it would be very difficult to figure out the support levels.
They say when at the top, the only place to go is Down.

on Masterluc "seeing no resistance" that doesn't make sense. There is no points of technical analysis over the all time high's! It's unchartered territorty. Picking $15k is just grasping; though I don't completely disagree it's possible for sure. Ask @bullishmoney for some technical analysis

Nice, i like it the your post, thanks

steemit friends thanks,
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very good,i follow you ,kindly follow me now.

Cant believe !! Bit coin will rock !!!

These predictions sounds good ... Hold bitcoin as long as possible....

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Great Post !. Iam ready to moon !. HODL until the end of time

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