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RE: 'Legendary' Trader Predicts: Will Bitcoin Hit $15,000 At The End Of The Year?!

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These predictions sound wild but I guess they might have some good reasoning. We have entered a point where BitCoin evolves so dramatically that the mainstream is picking up on it and that means that hordes of new users flood the market with their money.

My questions are:

  1. Does it make sense to buy BitCoin now? Because normally I would say no but if things continue like this I would want to get in on BitCoin to not miss out.

  2. Will the Steem price in comparison to BitCoin continue to fall into a bottomless pit? Most coins have profited a lot from BitCoin rising. Not so Steem due to many problems on many ends, most and for all the exchange problems and the recent Shapeshift unsupport.

Any thoughts?


Steem will regain steam soon. Just wait until a certain few whales finish powering down and selling out. Steemit keeps getting more and more popular and doubling it's number of users every year (and even faster now). Within a couple of months Steem will start the climb to the top again.

Yes, I do believe you are right. But it feels like crunching time right now. And these certain whales luckily don't have unlimited amounts of Steem.

lol I am glad you caught that reference

I like the whales selling out as it dilutes out their influence gradually and decentralizes the distribution of SP. That said who knows what the distribution of SP looks like.?

2017 has been good to Bitcoin and I hear 2018 will be ten yimes better. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

I have a buy up to price of $3500 which means i have to wait. But that doesnt mean that i cant invest in cryptos, just not adding to bitcoin right now. There are others that are rising fast that are better value and yet still in the $1B club.

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