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The $100 Bitconnect Challenge - New investment Added - Day 6 #203

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Just out of interest, have you added a sponsor yet??

I have not and would add you as mine if you add me as yours. We would get each others reinvestment bonuses

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Yeah I originally joined under Trevon James but have since had my sponsor changed (don't tell anyone you can have that done, haha) to EastCoastCrypto. After I won a goveaway, wasn't in the downing yet, but was trying to get it switched over and they still let me slide. I won 1 BCC token which at the time was just about $200. My original investment was $120 and thanks almost entirely to that giveaway, my investment 3 weeks in is upto $360.
So yeah, I do have a sponsor and no referrals, so I understand why your looking for them, a lot of money in them. 1 thing tho, we wouldn't share our money, make sure you come across clear when trying to recruit.