Where were you when Bitcoin hit 20,000 U.S.D. ?

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Where were you the day Bitcoin hit 20,000? I was in Tokyo, Japan on vacation.

I remember reading this article December 17th, 2017
Bitcoin hit $20,000.00 USD and a large American Brokerage TD Ameritrade announced it was now offering futures trading in Bitcoin, the same as it does for silver and gold. This captured my attention and I started reading and learning about cryptocurrency.


I think cryptocurrency and the blockchain is already one of the most disruptive financial occurrences of this century and it will revolutionize financial and other transactions, as well as other areas like communications and personal information security. There already entire countries adopting the blockchain and discarding old systems like social security numbers. The amazing thing is how it seemingly existed below the radar and then exploded into the limelight in December, 2017 when Bitcoin’s price was near 20,000. Suddenly everyone new the word Bitcoin and suddenly banks and other financial concerns had to respond to all the inquiries, try to maintain market share and try to control the narrative about this disruptive and revolutionary entity called cryptocurrency.

When I look at this space called cryptocurrency, I see a financial and potentially large scale social revolution. I also see an amazing evolving entity. The evolution of many of the elements in this space like cryptocurrency mining, staking wallets and master nodes is amazing. Capitalism is one of the strongest change evoking forces on earth. The changes that cryptocurrency is bringing to the world are also amazing. Those that are attentive are witnessing something truly unique, which will be written about in the future.

I think that just like other monumental occasions, in the future the question: “Where were you the day Bitcoin hit 20,000? “ will be the new defining moment question.



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Yea after that i started research and trading in crypto

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I think it motivated a lot of people to get involved with crypto

I was sitting at my computer desk curious as to what the price of bitcoin is and then decided to ask my good friend google.

Boom $20,000 .. I couldn't believe it. I had a chance to buy these at $1 each. I remember seeing it at like $500 and was astonished at that price. $20 K blew my mind away.

One dollar Bitcoin. 🤑

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I was at work and saw the news on TV. I was amazed that something I knew nothing about was worth 20,000! I made up my mind to learn about it. Now I am here on Steemit!

Just like me...I think it was under the radar , so to speak, until then and POW it was front page news.
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How can believe that hit 20,000? Hard to believe it...

I actually couldn’t believe it myself and I was reading the news!
But it really got my attention and got me interested in cryptocurrency!
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