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RE: Clearing Up Some Misconceptions and FAQs About Bitcoin Cash

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nice information and really i have some confusions but u really solve all but sir i saw bcc is very up today than others what u think about this is it many go up in short time or not


It is really hard to tell yet since most common belief was that BCC (BCH), wouldn´t succeed as most people wanted to "dump it" buy some altcoins, and wait for SegWit 2x, even Bitsatamp called it another altcoin, certainly it is but no doubt it has beaten most expectations in the first hours

People arent able to dump it though. They havent mined a block in over 11 hours and you cant get it to an exchange.

Where are the prices and volume coming from, then?

First block was mined yesterday at around 2:15 Central Time. I don´t know how long for the next block to be mined
@idealsceneprod good question I am not able to trade my Bitcoins on Bittrex.


hahahaha thats a GOOD question :)) The Dollars Dollars where are the Dollars coming from?

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