BITCOIN reaches +$ 1,000,000 Unless anyone can tell me how the hell does not land on earth, the banks and governments intend to fund $ 750 trillion of responsibilities of Global Infilled Futures. . !!steemCreated with Sketch.

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I am surprised how many people might be enough to put caps on as buttons at the cost of BTC .. !!

Negative experts who are forecasting $ 3,000 ... $ 4,000 ...... $ 5,000 ...... $ 10,000 ...... $ 50,000 ...... Target for BTC is kidding themselves ..! !

I am a handmade who has set an unlimited shortcut for BTC, and if I had to set a target, I would betting $ 1,000,000.

When you are trying to measure something when there is a fixed amount against something that is ever present in the growing amount, math is impossible.

Anyone who thinks he can do that is more than a way, way, way, way, way, anybody walking on this ground.

It's very easy for me.

As long as anyone can tell me how to hell on earth, banks and governments want to stay with a non-restricted tagged for the + $ 750 trillion global plan to fund non-funded futures. .. !!

I've linked Josh Serderson with those who recently rejected the interview.

The 21,000,000 coins were fixed on the hats and at the cost of $ 1,000,000 per BTC, it would leave Bactko with just $ 21 trillion market investment !!

Global non-funded futures responsibility
The $ 21 trillion pocket change where there is $ 750 trillion of global non-unified futures responsibility, which is not a way to fund all the funds.

If, in the next decade, this + $ 750 trillion leaves non-in-charge loans, I will leave my target for BITCOIN, but I suspect that it will happen.

Global financial system is in a mess, a real mess, and the advent of financial diabetes in mid-1980s.

Combined with functional banking, these poisonous financial structures appear at the end of the free market, and then we are guarded under 35 years of fraud, fraud and harsh-based economic growth.

You want it was 2008
If you thought that 2008 was bad, you want it was 2008.

There was nothing more than the 2008 earthquake that the system does not work and you thought that things are repaired. You have made a mistake.

Things were not repaired, trees were found only in the system.

The trees have now reappeared, it's only big.

Contrary to the global financial system, there is no DBT in Bactucci.

With a fixed cap on supply, it is that Bactocin gives the final power to the currency currencies and it is only time to get rid of people in the end.

BANANIN measurements against BTC
There is no difference in measuring bacteria compared to $ USD than bactonial measurements against BTC

If there was only one unconstitutional situation in the world, there would not be any other chance, so you can reject that you can spend 1,000,000 BTC.

Now that they say there were 1,000,000 BTC, you can argue that 1 making will cost you 1000 BTC

Bad worst scene ........

Now it says that there were 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 increase, incredible banners, and you could reject that you make 0.00100001 Battocan just because of Apply because no one wants them.

Instead of thinking of currency exchange binary currencies.

What we have to do is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, instead of incredible statements, the profits of paper value a lot of pieces, 21,000,000 concrete and a fixed cap against a fixed cap of commercial assets. Is going

  • $ 1 million BITCOIN
    Fight currency is a debt tool that will ultimately fall to ZERO, while BTC is in a gross regard.

This is a contrary to the fact that it targets as a target and why I am firmly sticking with my + $ 1 million target .. !!

Thanks for reading.


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