CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS [& The Bankers Are LOSING] -- WEB BOT Creator Clif High

in bitcoin •  last year

by SGT,

Web bot creator and everyone's favorite woo woo commentator Clif High returns to SGT report to discuss the crypto compendium and the future of silver.

Regarding the crypto currency space, when asked if it's in a bubble Clif responds emphatically:

"We are in a bubble actually, but we're not in a crypto bubble. We're in a Dollar bubble. The whole planet is so flooded with Dollars that bubble is popping. And so that bubble is popping right at the moment, and some of that is going into cryptos and some of it can be expected to go into precious metals. But there's so many Dollars in this bubble that they're not able to fit through the narrow openings that we have into the precious metals space and into the crypto space. And that's what we're watching at the moment."

And as for the bankers VS. the crypto currencies, Clif says:

"The powers that be a freaking out because they're losing. They didn't anticipate the springing of cryptos. It was universe providing us the opportunity to express ourselves outside of the slave system that has been imposed on us and it's got them all freaked out because they can't close these doors once universe makes them."

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Great guest, Thank you

Clif rocks been following his ALTA reports for years.

He would feel at home here amongst the crypto crowd.

Great interview-Fantastic guest. Thanks Sean. Glad to be part of the crypto movement! SteemON! <3
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Thanks for tuning in brothers! I post my new content to Steemit now even before it gets on SGT report...!


I have been here for not even 24 hours and I am finding it hard to think about ANYTHING else!!! ^_^


Just wait til you get in deeper :-). My kids are getting Steem for Christmas....Bitcoins for birthdays!


LOL. Then you'll REALLY appreciate this exceelent article... the future of Steemit?


@sgtreport Wow. What an article!!!!! Thanks for the recommendation Sean.

Always interested in listening to Clif High ,thanks for the video.

Bitcoin is at a new high. It will retrace somewhere. Just like it has done time and time again in the past; each explosion reaching yet another all-time high. How high will it get? That is something I don't regard a topic worth debating deeply today. The next "all time high" will probably be somewhere in a range that evokes similar emotions as 1200$ did to those intimate with the technology back in 2013. This said, an argument can be made about a different, more educated, market landscape today - less willing to sink too deeply too quickly.

It's only going to get messy from here but I will never stop trying to help people rather than the greedy few! A lot of people feel safe in their own bubbles but they don't fully realise what bad overall this conformity is doing!


You are visionary. Not many see the corral effect of what is coming.

Once again great post and great graphics. Keep up the amazing job my friend. I am glad to hear it goes to Steemit first before those fascist YouTube/Google a-holes! Lol. DR

I'd be willing to support your excellent reports via Patreon, but I just spent my entire life's savings on junk silver. All $80. I'm all in.

I did upvote tho.



Ha...I've had mass amounts of silver just sitting a drawer - useless! I feel your pain!

Best time to live! am i right?

Hey sgt id like to sponsor you with some whaleshares tokens worth an upvote from my account. How do we talk?

CH is on fire! Been glad to see you on steemit, Sean! I hope you are more than making $$! It seems to me the AI age has already overtaken. Ya think cryptos are a gateway? (Oh goodness, try having the bitcoin chat with family who are Evangelicals - I love Jesus, but they are seemingly missing the point). I am mind-blown and simultaneously excited! And not naive. If this is the future of exchange, it saves us front Mad Max Bartertown, and to survive in the future, a guy or gal oughta be able to use cryptos and store it in PMs!

Thanks Sean. great interview.

a bit hard ..but i agree

Thank you, great guest!

Hi! I've been following SGTReport for years and I finally got my steemit account approved. Yay!

Cliff High is AWESOME bought his crypto report , best $99 spent !!!
Thank you Cliff!!!

BOOMIN to the moon!

What is happening today with cryptocurrency is something that treat the very best interest of the FED. Please allow me to share my article! I explain a little bit of the bank system history until today.

When will the $ really collapse? in 2014, it was going to collapse in 2015 september. then it got postponded to 2016 and so on. I feel when it collapses it collapses. The way the markets are rising, i feel nothing as such is going to happen before 2025. WHY? Because Elon Musk and other elites will be heading to MARS coz, when dollar collapses, there will be WW3 and a total MAD MAX situation... lololololol... Thats why the mars mission.. ;)


i just don't think the traditional evil empires have the resources and connections to save their asses anymore. no hillary, no ww3, other countries fed up with petro-dollar crap, planetary changes, future tech releases, and wealth transfer via cryptos and pm's. this is an unstoppable wave of human change. they can no longer manipulate everything cohesively.


hmm.. hopefully ww3 thing is crap..

It is a matter of time.

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For some reason, Clif does not join Steemit. Maybe now that Bix is here, he´ll come. Maybe for a 3 amigos reunion! @bixlives

Nice post! Thanks. Please follow me: @martinst

hopefully not stepping on any protocol here, but I listened to your interview today.. I wrote this piece a while ago, and wonder what you think:

Clif has been on a roll lately. Great insights. Now, we need his silver forecasts to come through. Even the web-bots are not immune to central bank noise. The banks have overplayed their hand though, and the cryptos are accelerating the end game. A new world is emerging.

I'm just learning about crypto's. My biggest criticism is the complexity involved in attempting to set up a local wallet. I tried a number of times on my Linux platform with different wallets and couldn't crack it. I'm reasonably technical so if I'm struggling how is the average public expected to get into it. Crypto's need a much simpler way to purchase and store before they go mainstream.

Great article and nice video. Thank you

Cliff has been down on steem although he way up on Bitcoin. I think he is missing it with steem. One thing he said in an interview with Greg Hunter is that there is nothing of value in steem. But that doesn't make sense since there is no value in any currency. It has what value we give it.


yeah i don't get it. Maybe there is nothing of value on the coin itself. But the platform technology is a great alternative!!!


Cliff may be stuck in the rugged individual paradigm. Networking is the wave of the future.


i agree. i like the guys take on crypto. Anything else blah... I have my own personal opinion on.


You are spot on, AFAIK. Steemit actually is a product/service, and generates value in Steem via it's operations. What value does Bitcoin offer except as a store of value and means of xfer? I won't pretend to argue with people clearly above my pay grade, like Clif High, but I see no merit in such an evaluation.

Bitcoin is valued more presently because it was the first crypto on the market, and has built momentum. Given the fragility of cryptocurrencies, which only require a power outage, hard drive crash, or theft of a cell phone, to vanish utterly, it would seem to me that Steem will eventually become more valuable than Bitcoin, because social networks survive, due to their utility, such events as erase cryptocurrency.

I, and I am sure I am not alone, have forgotten every password I ever created, lost untold volumes on crashed disks, and bricked too many phones, to casually consider any digital data robust. YMMV, and I hope, for your sake, it does.



I'm with you on steem being multidimensional. there is so much opening up on the steem platform it's staggering. steem is not just another crypto token. Steem is alive and conscious. We are steem. I get chills when I think about it.


Bitcoin has a major advantage though... its the FACE of crypto, in the news everyday, and already accepted at many, many merchants. It will be hard to convince these merchants to accept a myriad of other cryptos, and thus we will most likely have to convert our Steem (et al) into Bitcoin to buy real life goods. Time will tell.


Totally agree - value is what "we" give things. You could dig up a massive new jewel but it's useless unless a consensus gives it value!


clif is always going to call it like he sees it through his data. he is probably not personally hating on steem, and also is not very accurate with his comment on value. but he is also privy to data that he (and only he) can use to speculate things. it is when these markers become more clear and timely that they are released in a report.


Cliff is enjoying very much his "Spock-like" new found fame. He will say like that, that he is just giving the data but then he goes on and on with what he thinks at other times. It's a jumble. An interesting jumble. When he spoke about steem he gave his opinion he did not quote any "data sets." He's a rascal. Admittedly a loveable one.


hah "loveable rascal" is quite accurate! we are blessed to have this man and his service. i feel he will continue to enjoy his fame from a distance in the low key hermitude sort of way he prefers. i can relate. and very much agree that he rambles and mixes his personal speculations in with what can be referenced in his mature data. but what i'm pointing out is that he is privy to this data in ways we will never be, living and breathing projections for years. this will affect his ramblings no matter what.

for example, his comments on Steem may be related to one of his projections; that almost none of the altcoins "have legs" compared to bitcoin. i myself am not even sure how to incorporate this info, since clearly there is profit to be made in the near future on alts and he promotes this as well. it's common in his info to find things that seem almost contradictory until you have all the details fitting together nicely.

I buy clif's reports.
Worth every penny!

thanks for the post.

good stuff from Motivation!!!!

Where can I buy Bytecoin? Anyone know of a reliable site?

Nice video. Followed and also defintely helping crypto win the battle! Follow back if you are interested in some crypto trades =)

great inside info

clif's comment that the Universe is providing humanity with what it needs to move outside of a maligned system couldn't be more true. in fact i am seeing bitcoin being mentioned in some white hat intel reports this year for the first time. it was created to do exactly this because we are damn ready to be done with this crooked legacy system.

Thanks for your work SGT. Great to see Google and Youtube being exposed.

Just joined STEEMIT this week. I've followed your work for several years. Thanks for all the great videos you have produced - Following and upvoting your STEEMIT channel. Best Regards

The banker's era is coming to a close, and the new revolutionary currencies like the cryptocurrencies are being ushered in. The power is slowly being shifted away from the world governments, and being placed back into the hands of the people.

The question is, are they going to allow this transition to take place? If history has taught us anything, it is that they won't without a fight. A "New Kingdom" is about to begin, and if you are confused as to what I'm alluding to here then you need to check out some of the content I've posted in my feed.

Thanks for the excellent write-up, @sgtreport.

Best Regards

-@abn The Armageddon Broadcast Network
Your goto EndTimes news source.

Excellent article, @sgtreport.

The era of the bankers is coming to an end, and the era of the Cryptocurrency has already begun. Power is slowly being shifted away from the World's governments and is slowly being placed back into the hands of the people.

The question is: Are they going to allow it to happen? If history tells us anything, it is that it won't be without a fight. A "New Kingdom" is about to begin here on this planet, and if you are confused as to what I'm alluding to here then you need to check out some of the posts I've made in my blog feed.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

  • @abn The Armageddon Broadcast Network
    Your EndTimes news source.

Thanks for posting this Sean!

Sean, I really enjoy your content. Keep up the great work!

upped and resteemed.

My guess is and its a guess, the Fed will try and have their own Edol blockchain currency soon? And voting security in the next general election by ETH key?

It has been said "may you live in interesting times". I can't imagine what it will be like for the masses when they wake up to all this. To this day (since Jan 2013 when I got my first stake in BTC) I have told everyone I have met, family, friends, close business associates and even some that are not that close, to check out bitcoin. Not a single person has been willing to try it, except one just recently, my daughters college boyfriend, imagine that. He said "show me what you mean..." and I did, and now he understands and is doing well with cryptos.


You are not alone. That's why we're not in a bubble. We will see volatility, but we're still in the early innings.