Get Your Mining On: It Still Appears The GTX 1070 Reigns King Even with GTX 1080ti's Floating Around

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Sometimes New Doesn't Always Mean Better

Today I done some digging around on what GPU at this stage is the most efficient per Hash. After major calculations, lots of research its pretty clear per Kilowatt the GTX 1070 is still king of the hashrate wars. I do take into account that the GTX 1080ti does push out a little more hashes than the GTX 1070 but when you compare the amount of electricity vs outcome hash, you actually lose a little money on the GTX 1080ti due to the extra cost in electricity.

Here is a recent brake down of what hashes current GPU's are gaining on some Ethereum mining with Nicehash:


Trailing behind the GTX 1070 is actually not even the GTX 1080ti, that falls about 4th on the list when you crunch the numbers of cost per kilowatt. No number 2 and 3 positions go to AMD Radeon RX 480 and RX 580 when you apply the cost per kilowatt and average out profits. Little shocking but it is what it is when it comes to what is best to go for out there when building your rigs.

Hard to find GPUs? Well there is a huge shortage of them right now

Right now if your in the market for new GPU's you must brace yourself, its going to be a hunt unlike anything you been on right now. Right now most cards are sold out that are of any use to miners due to a huge uptrend in people rushing to mining as if its the Gold Rush all over again. Luckily not far from now Nvidia and AMD will release mining specific cards, which should lighten the price rising on GPU's right now. These cards will be only for mining and probably more cost effective for miners. This will be a game changer I believe for crypto and miners alike.

So be patient and mine on. I just bought myself a beater GTX 1060 OC myself to add with my GTX 1080 for mining off my PC, boy the heat is bad in my room now lol. Wish I seen these numbers though, I had a shot at getting a GTX 1070 but didn't think it was so cost effective till doing some math for you guys today. Oh well, the edition is helping no matter what but I figured I would pass this onto those looking to build rigs so they have the upper hand if they can find themselves some cards.


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Great to see someone putting profitability analysis in place for some of the top GPUs! Many people forget the power costs when analysing the gains to be made on a mining venture.

Out of interest, for the power consumption are you only looking at the card, or the system surrounding it? It may actually be more cost effective to run the GTX1080Ti once taking into account all the power consumption of the auxiliary components of your rig (assuming we are talking about a standard desktop).

hey @dutch sorry for the very month long response lol. Not getting my alerts well here on Steemit and just happened to come across our comment while I was about to repost this to my personal Twitter account to reshare the 1070 analysis, still seems to be the GPU sweet spot for NVIDIA miners.

This analysis was mainly based on card alone and wattage spent through a i7 windows system I have running. So I am not really sure how it would be paired against say a system running on a low powered rig with say Linux or a even lower build like the mining specific Linux builds out there which may actually change the analysis as compared to the crazy waste of power that windows can factor in sometimes.

I view it like this and actually put this into my personal factors for mining where most probably don't, I run 2 Asus GTX 1080s and 2 GTX 1060s only because I kind of built my gaming rig between cards but I run the 1080s on overload and overclock even though I know I am wasting power in the mix. My reasoning lately is due to the rise of cryptos across the board and I figure take the hit on costs for savings later and grab all I can. So if you kind of factor in speculation and personal hopes, then sometimes cost factors mean even less against personal beliefs for the future lol. But good ideal to test the theory on this with the 1080ti's against power consumption of the system as a whole. Sadly these benchmarks are more geared from pro benchmark testing and less personal because I have no 1080ti's to text. I am on 1080 advanced versions which I kind of think I should have gotten myself becaues VR games I play and think the ti would max me out better than the advanced versions lol. I spolit my system between mining and gaming till I can get a standalone rig built lol. But its time to go that route soon

No worries at all, I think Steemit notifications have been buggered for a while. Thank you so much for the detailed response - totally agree with taking a hit now and waiting on the crypto market cap to rise!

very good information!!:)

Wish I crunched these numbers before getting my last GPU lol...oh well next time I will be wiser but glad it will help you out my friend. GTX 1070 looks to be that sweet spot for mining

I'm going to set up my mining rig using your experience, keep posting your experiences and your work !! lots of positive energy for you !!! :))

You need any advice my friend I am here, I know a bit about this mining stuff through a lot of trail and error lol. I will try to keep posting a few more of these, may get down to posting a build in a day or so for everyone

Thank you very much when I am going to mount my rig I will ask your advice yes, I will follow up your posts on !! please continue posting and working to evolve !! :))

Glad to see your getting a rig going, trust me you won't regret that move in the long run. Here to help you out anytime

thank you my friend!!:))

Anytime, always here if you need any pointers. This might help you with your build, I was looking to do this one I found a week back, might find this mining rig interesting:

And lots of positive energy for you and your family, continue the fight !! :))

Thank you for that, things been getting a lot better for the family, just one day at a time my friend

Family is everything, what's good is to have everything and have no one to share, family is who you choose for you is who you choose to live and fight! Thank you my friend !! :)) "always evolving and continuing To fight for the family "

How is your father In the daily struggle for life, post on my friend I believe in you, You inspired me to be better for the family!!:)))

He is in great spirits, has a doctor visit coming in a week...we should know more by then at what they plan to do about surgery. Right now we are just kind of living it day by day, hoping in the end the outcome will be just a bump in the road

Thanks for the analysis!

Anytime, I do wish I did this before I bought my last card lol...I forgot to weigh in the cost of energy on it lol. But the GTX 1060 with my GTX 1080 kind of rules each other out so I did okay with the addition. Figured pass this along for those though serious about hunting one down in this crazy shortage market, if you can get a GTX 1070 that is the one to snag up fast

I'm always on the hunt for my next GPU!

I am too lol. Next a full rig, rather keep the heat off my pc so much lol but I do what I gotta so I can get the next GPU lol

Right! That's my next step too

I am waiting out these coming mining specific cards, I may even preorder a few to start building a rig, those things are gonna be a huge game changer for us serious miners. Be nice not to wear out my pc lol

I agree... Do you know which retailers are going to take preorders?

I haven't looked to heavy into who is pre-ordering them, I did pass by one in the UK selling pre-orders but I live in the USA so I didn't take note of who that was. But I suspect they are up for order already, honestly think they will be out before the end of summer...maybe a little after but not that far off

later this month the new AMD vega will be out better wait and see what that is able to do it might be close to or even be better then the 1080 for less $$

Really its those mining specific cards everyone should be snatching up soon. Both AMD and NVIDIA have a line that will come out. The Vega will be good but AMD said the mining specific card will most likely out hash the VEGA because they are cutting out the need for the extras that Gaming cards need. The coming line of mining specific cards are supposed to be way cheaper, way more power efficient and supposedly by their announcement be faster than any GPU coming down the line. Vega will be great for gaming but the days of needing gaming cards for rigs is about to end come the end of this summer.

the down side of those cards is that they don't have a vga /hdmi out put so you can't really use them in your normal pc :)

That is why everyone will be building cheap rigs. Honestly its really not a great idea to mine on your every day pc, I do but only out of necessity, in the long run your seriously putting a lot of wear on it. Personally I welcome faster cards at a fair price to build rigs with, have a huge feeling this will change the game in a great way.

i'm just testing now on my pc with the AMD RX480 that i have maybe i build a rig in my new house but that will be after the summer.

Honestly I am so fearful I am going to kill my pc lol...since I slapped a second card in there I am getting way high temps, great build too but have to sit a box fan by it to keep it from overheating lol. I welcome a rig build as soon as I can afford it...then I can game and not sweat the mining side to my crypto holdings as much

As you know I'm looking into this mining thing atm, and I was actually considering buying the 1080ti.
I won't be doing that now thanks to your research.
Thank you buddy!

The ti is a great card, mainly for gaming but it does hash out but per power vs hashrate, the GTX 1070 does a way more efficient per hashrate amount of profit. It will save on the power bill and virtually only decimal points less the the 1080ti so I think that is the wisest choice for you

Thanks :)
It will be the 1070, I just need to find out the rest of the stuff (specs) going into the PC, and then find alocal to buy from :)

Is this also going to be a daily pc you will use?

That's my plan.
It should be used for basicly everything from mining, gaming, movies to blogging

Got ya, well I suggest go for broke then, try to get something that will last you awhile and very up gradable

Thanks, I will let you know when I get it, and what my setup will be ;)

Look forward to seeing what you decide on, I love this sort of techy building stuff lol

Gotta ask, is the rising of alt-coins like Ethereum making it more viable to mine cryptocurrency?

I got into crypto too late to hop in on the bitcoin mining train. I wanted to mine, but saw that, at that point, the mining world was dominated by people with dedicated and incredibly powerful mining rigs. It wasn't really viable to mine crypto because of how expensive it would have been to mine.

My question, then, is this: is mining alt-coin like ETH a viable option?

Actually its still a good time to mine. With Bitcoin you will need an ASIC that is SHA256 but with Eth you can do it with GPU setups and make a decent profit. I actually mine LBRY on my GPU and do very well. Just trade them the exchange and you have some Bitcoin.

Yeah that's fair, I guess that would be mining bitcoin by proxy haha

Yea pretty much lol...its too tough on GPUs to get Bitcoin directly so we have to extort those other coins we don't like to get them lol

Haha cough cough ETH cough cough

Still not a fan of them, I mainly mine LBRY because it does so well for me on my GPUs lol.

I'll be the first to admit I've never heard of LBRY

Thank you man, keep em coming!