DigiByte Price Prediction By Year 2019! Solid BlockChain (DGB)

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It is a stink about did you buy it's more secure faster forward thinking blockchain technology faster transaction. But I was aside when I look at the list of crip does on here. I always think to myself on its one thing is plainly obvious in the current market I mean obviously a lot of stuff sucks seeing. so many things in the red in such trends moving downward over the past couple of days but those of us who've been involved with crypto ready money years well. we're pretty much use to the volatility aspect of things and until they get regulations and and nasty regulations and all these different things that are really going to change the face of what we've become accustomed to so essentially that's coming and it's going to happen soon so we might as well. just enjoy the volatility that we have at the moment and one of the things that comes with volatilities you could see the technologies. That are actually performing well in the space of which is really good because when we're in a bull market everything's moving upwards it's pretty hard to tell which ones are moving upwards.

The trends of the entire space and which ones are actually moving forward accord in accordance with their own merits and did you buy is really one of those technologies. I mean at eight percent today in of course out but we're going to see moving all over the place and it's really one of those interesting technologies to be paying attention to because it's got a solid blockchain and it's been it's established itself has been around for quite a while and it's really one of those technologies. That I'm very much interested in I mean since way back in two thousand fourteen. I was paying attention to did you buy it I've seen it come such a long way of my understanding of did you buy it is fundamentally data driven and Ives think. That they have a really excellent team working behind it and of course moving forward. I think seeing the community that's built itself around this technology is really exciting seeing. How much it had the potential to grow especially moving forward I think by two thousand nineteen we could be seeing some really exciting things happening around the site this point.

The market's gonna do what the market's gonna do at two forty six billion sure that there's a lot of people. Who are you know shaking their heads and crying because they might have made the wrong decisions on their own unformed or even just started getting hit by the current state of the way that things are I mean I'm sure that people. who are buying when it was a book in a little bit higher than six thousand dollars are probably a little disappointed in decline. I think that the overall look of what we're seeing happening involving the totality of the market situation right now reflects basically how the public consciousness is going to need to adapt to technologies that are made available but did you write as the as does the star it out is solid project only at two cents me personally looking into all the different technologies on here and say that this is one of the most under looked technologies out really when I look at how these technologies are performing in the light of the current situation with the market everything's in the red.

Going to recall all of these big top dogs are taken hits arm but that we have did you but actually doing fairly well so first of all you know congratulations to everybody. Who had the foresight to identify did you buy and its potential. I mean there's some interesting news articles that at the time. Fairly well these are just random things that anybody seen just by searching did you buy I mean just take that these from June of whatever you know talking about the possibility of did you by hitting a dollar. I mean interesting stuff that I think that I I mean in two thousand eighteen the potential did you by crossing the dollars at the box that seven it is it two cents right now and there's really only six months left in two thousand eighteen but two thousand nineteen. How I'm starting to think now I'm putting my brain forward now and I'm trying to have a a a gnome St Thomas appeal to the way that I look forward to these technologies and did you guys really established a lot about the first aid at the blockchain space. I think that this is really going to play a fundamental role as we see the technology will be moving that at the fifth inning up.The market right now on things like these happen all the time of there's always ups and downs regarding you know the situation.

The levels that conclude with this number of two forty seven billion and very those of us who've been involved with crypto currency for any amount of years. Where pretty much I are aware of these did you has potential to be a really solid player in the future cryptocurrency it's essentially. Not very different from big point and that's a lot when you consider the fact that big points at six thousand one hundred and thirty four dollars and did you buy that odd to sense so that really says a lot about. How the value bitcoin can easily be successfully vastly over represented. I mean some Result in that race but the fact that did you buy has the blockchain. That it does and it has the potential to do the things I mean the I think that when I look at a cryptocurrency. I'm looking forward to the technology that size you're looking forward to the future in an of itself and really taking into consideration a lot of different variables. That are going to be really significant coming to the forefront up within the next couple of years especially in the light of the fact we've been seeing more and more people and we can expect this all across the world. Being connected to the internet through smartphones and different various us smart technologies that are taking it will essentially do you buy that is positioning itself in a way to get rich of this paradigm shift in essential.

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DGB coin what i can buy or wait ?


@kuldeep bro dgb is good coin but i,m not suggest this time buy this coin. just wait and buy this coin dip


#BuyTheDip $DBG's fundamentals are sound. I just bought some more on KuCoin.

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You will go far in this blog writing

awsome good idea thnku

Dgb Coin is a good long term hold coin and good profit


@moneyking1 yes dgb coin long term holder gain big profit.


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Nice post
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yeah sure, dgb listed binance as soon as btc jump we will see binance account on twitter post that WE WILL LIST DGB.

DGB blockhain is very fast and have a lot of potential in this coin.

I am sure that DGB is ready for ATH IN 2018.

i read ur blog its good job but how can we decided its dip or what i think when our luck and market both will be with us than buy for bull run dear hmmm

of course digibyte is a very good coin. It will rock.